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Managing User Rights / Buyouts

To track Buyouts for your Projects you can create a Project Custom field or Multiple and add an Alarm to it.

Once the date closes in, fw will either pop-up a message of the Alarm or send an Email to the Users added to the Alarm.


Add one or multiple new Project Custom field: "Buyouts" or "Music Buyouts", "Digital" etc....


To make it send off an Alarm - choose to send the Alarm on same day of selected date (0 Days) or "Offset" to e.g. -1 Days.

How it works

In your  Project, select a date when the end of Buyout approaches and set the Alarm.

Note: as the Alarm only lists the name of the Custom Field "Buyouts" you will have to manually add the Project Name / Number / indicator to the Header of the Alarm.
The Note is also currently not included in the Alarm / Email notification. But can be useful for you to add more information about the Buyout.

When the Alarm date (or offset days) approaches, the Alarm will pop up for the User IF he is logged in. (Desktop Client only)

And the User will receive an email with the Alarm "Header".

In the Advanced Project Search you can search for all Buyouts coming up in a period:

If there’s more than one per project and you want to be able to bill it, you can add a service (for the buyout buy/sell) and a Custom Field with Alarm on either a Booking or Project Work Order:

Add new Project Work Order

Add more details to the header

Add a Service to the Project Work Order

This Service could later be invoiced separately.

Make sure, Project Work Orders are included in your Final Invoice view.

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