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File Management window  

Associate files with Projects using the File Window functionality. It is possible to download and upload files to and from the server for personal access using the integrated Farmers WIFE file transfer engine.

  • Go back: Navigate back up one level.
  • New Folder: Create a new folder.
  • Cut: Cut a file.
  • Copy: Paste a file to a new destination.
  • Paste: Paste a file to a new destination.
  • Rename: Rename a file.
  • Delete: Delete or remove a file
  • Upload: Upload a file to the server.
  • Download: Download a file from the server.

It is possible to sort files by date or name.

Direct Folder Access (eye folder icon)

If the path into files folder is set in the Options menu > File Settings, the User can click this icon to directly open this projects folder within Files and thus be able to select and upload multiple files in one go.

Clip Management

The clip management functionality lets Farmers WIFE users upload and download QuickTime™ clips to and from the Server. Project related clips are listed as seen below.

  • Viewing a clip: To view a clip click on the Clip Name from the list to launch the clip in the integrated clip viewer.
  • Adding a new clip: To associate a new clip with a project, simply click on the Create New clip icon. Use the file browser to locate the clip and then upload it to the Server. The clip should automatically appear in the clip list with the No Proxy frame. Create a proxy by selecting to view the clip and selecting Set this frame as proxy (as mentioned above).
  • Editing clip details: When the clip is launched, it is possible to add comments, add client/customer comments and see the viewing history. In addition, using the dropdown menu at the top of the clip window it is possible to:
    • Set This Frame As Proxy
    • Set a selected frame as a proxy.
    • Save As: Save the file.
    • Save Picture As: Save the frame as an image.
    • Export: Export the clip as an alternative file format.

Additionally when clips are listed in the project window it is possible via the black arrow menu within the proxy to:

  • Change Name: Change a clip name.
  • Download File: Download the clip.
  • Open with Web Browser: Open the clip using your web browser.
  • Delete: Delete the clip from the list.
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