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Cancel Projects

The “Cancel Project” checkbox allows designated Farmers WIFE Super Users to preserve details of projects that have been cancelled. This feature has been requested by a growing number of clients who use Farmers WIFE to create quotes and estimates and who would like to maintain a record of the projects, and project numbers, that were not awarded.

Important Notes when using the Cancelled Project Feature:

  • Cancelled” projects will not show in the Invoice Module.

  • Cancelled” projects will behave like “Closed” projects, which means that you can not add bookings, media orders, work orders, or extras, and can not modify prices or discounts.

  • Financial Report interaction: Note that data from bookings, media orders, work orders and extras within a “Cancelled” project will still be included in your Financial Reports if you generate these reports from the Objects. But if you generate your Financial Reports from Projects, you can always leave “Cancelled” projects out.
    Suggestions for not including booking data: In Farmerswife Advanced you can create
     a “Cancelled” Booking Global status with “Planning” sub-status (please ask Support for help on this configuration) and change the bookings of “Cancelled” projects to this status.In Farmers WIFE, you can change these bookings to a Preliminary status.
    But if your “Cancelled” projects also include extras, media orders, work orders, please note that there is no way at the moment to leave this data out of the Financial Reports, so the suggestion for now is that you can Archive “Cancelled” projects for these not to be included in your Financial Reports before generating your reports.

  • From 6.5 cancelled projects will automatically be set to inactive

  • On 6.5 there is also a new setting in relation to cancelled projects: "Hide Cancelled Projects From Timelines And Reports" in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup.
    When you have this setting enabled and change project status to "Cancelled" the Bookings will no longer show in the Hourline, Object tree, Personnel tree, iOS timeline and Web Client timeline. They still show when loading the Project in the Project tree.
    The Bookings will also be removed from Financial Reports, Object Reports and User Reports. You can still print out a Project Report. (If you need to still be able include lines from cancelled projects in your Financial Reports do not use the setting.)

    If the "Cancelled" Status is un-ticked, the Project Bookings will show again in the timelines, the Project however will remain not active.

To use the “Cancel Project” feature you will need to configure the permission profile of the Super Users who will be granted access to this feature.

Configuring the Permission Profile

To enable the “Cancel Project” feature the permission profile must first be modified. Please note that this feature is only available for Super Users:

  1. Go to the Object Manager/ Server Setup.
  2. Double click on the Super User whose profile you wish to grant access.
  3. Open the permission profile settings from the bottom right hand corner of the Modify User panel.
  4. Set “Can Cancel Projects” from the General settings to YES. See pink box in the picture below.
  5. Click “OK”.

Using the feature “Cancel Projects”

At the bottom of the Edit Project Window you will see four white checkboxes. To indicate that the project has been cancelled, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the checkbox labeled “Cancelled” at the bottom of the Edit Project window.
  2. Confirm cancelling the project.
  3. Enter a descriptive note as to why the project was cancelled. This note will be visible as mouseover on the cancelled checkbox.

  4. Once you’ve indicated that the project hast been cancelled, you can manually set the Active status of the project to “No”. No matter if the Active status is still set to ‘YES’ or already set to ‘NO’ the project will no longer show up under either “Active” or “Closed” projects once the Cancelled Checkbox is ticked.

  5. The project will now be listed under the Project tab in the Toolbox/ Navigator, under “Cancelled”.

* Cancelled projects will be kept in the database (currentxx.efdb) if they have not been archived.

* Once you set the Active status to ‘NO’ the cancelled project can also be archived. Archived projects will be listed under “Archived” under the Project tab in the Toolbox/ Navigator. For further details on Archiving in Farmers WIFE please refer to the corresponding Manual.

* Until the Project is archived all the containing Bookings will remain on the timeline (unless the new setting "Hide Cancelled Projects From Timelines And Reports" is on).

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