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Add Sell Price Operator To: [View Filter]

Sell price operators provide a convenient way for ‘Super Users’ with ‘Tasks/Bookings/Rates’ permissions to add additional discounts and mark-ups to the final sell price in the selected View Filter of the Project.                

To add a new sell price operator,  select ‘Add Sell Price Operator To: [View Filter] from the ‘View Settings/Options’ menu.

The following four types of Sell Price Operators exist:

- Cash Discount

- Percent Discount

- Markup (from Buy)

- Mark up (from Sell)

Click on the required option, select a name for the Sell Price Operator, Select amount and add a note.

If a Sell Price Operator should be applied to an Invoice make sure to add the Sell Price Operator to the Final Invoice View. If it is only applied to the Virtual Booking View, it won't appear in the Invoice Creator.

Sell Price Operators can't be part invoiced. If the Sell Price Operator is needed in the part invoice, it has to be added manually inside of the Invoice Editor window adding an Un-Referenced Object. Select Price Operator as type and add discounts in minus numbers or mark-ups in positive numbers.

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