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Open Project in Read Only Mode when Project is in Use by other User

As of version 6.5 it is now possible to open a project that is in Use by another User. 

When a User opens a Project that is already in use by another User, there will be a pop up with the following information "Project Is Locked By ... Choose Open To Open In Read-Only Mode. If you open, close and reopen again while the first User is still using the Project the same pop up will be shown. 

In Read-Only mode you cannot:

  • Change any of the standard fields in the top left corner of the Project Window
  • Change any of the Custom fields
  • Modify budget 
  • Add Extras (Services, Material, Expenses and Objects) directly from the Project Window
  • Change rates of Extras that have been added directly to the project within the Project window
  • Change View settings
  • Change Project Status
  • Select another custom template > menu icon for templates is hidden
  • Do various types of actions from the Eye menu as many items are hidden
  • Create Media Orders, Virtual Bookings, Work Orders

You can:

  • Change the Rate on a financial line in a Booking, on both booked Objects and Extras
  • Edit a Booking > click on clock icon and select Edit Booking 
  • Enter Budget window to view only

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