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Project To-dos

When booking voice actors, you usually need to keep track of how many lines each actor should do on each episode, how many he/ she has done and how many lines are booked. When a booking happens, the number of lines also needs to be time reported. All of this has now been fit within the booking/ time reporting workflow inside Farmerswife.

How to add Project Todos  

In Server Setup > Projects, first add a Project Todo Type. For example call it 'Dubbing'. Set the Unit (Single) to 'line' and the Unit (Multiple) to 'lines' and the job name to 'EP' (for episode).

Add Project Todos to a Project inside of the WIFE client

The eye menu inside Projects will now contain an item called 'Project Todos'. If clicked, a couple of dialogs will now let you add a Project Todo list with people and episodes.


Edit the table and type the number of lines a person should do for each episode - or leave some blank.

When a person has been added to a Project Todo list and you create a Booking with him/ her, the Time Report window will contain a new icon (the Project Todos icon). Click it to add Project Todo jobs to the Booking. This is typically done at the booking/ planning stage. 

When the person comes in to work and time reports, he/she can then fill in the number of lines actually done.

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