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Project Work Orders

Work Orders allow other chargeable operations and events to be added to a project which are not linked to time in the timeline. Work Orders are typically assigned to an individual to be carried out and will appear on the To Do list, NOT in the timeline.

To add a Project Work Order, simply click on the Add Project Work Order button at the top of the project window.

Define the work order details as follows:

  • Name: A name for the work order.
  • Assigned To: Pick a name from the available list. Only system users (Super User, Task User, Web User) appear in the list.
  • Status: Not Done or Done.
  • Note: A note for the work order.
  • PO Number: Type the PO number here if required.
  • Project Work Order Custom Fields: Define any Custom Field values as required to be created in the Projects Tab in the Server Setup.

Click the Create New icon (yellow star) to add a new object. This will display the Object Browser  from where to search and select object from the database.

You can change object buy/ sell rates by clicking on the grey square on the line item and defining the new rates, unit type and notes.

Quantity can be changed by clicking on the Quantity drop down arrow.

Line item discount can be added by clicking on the % drop down arrow.

Materials, Services and Expenses can also be added to a Work Order by clicking on the relevant icons at the top of the Work Order window.

  • Save: Once a Work Order has been created it you can confirm it by pressing Ok.  Upon reopening a Work Order you may Save it to a template list of Saved Word Orders from the Eye menu and re-apply it to other projects.
  • Save and Delete: Saves the Work Order to the template list and deletes it from the current Project.
  • Delete: Deletes the Work Order from the current Project.

Use Project Work Orders to track multiple costs and only list one line in the Invoice

E.g. you have a few Shipping/ Courier costs: 

23.03.    1x Shipping=> 10,- €

30.03.    1x Shipping=> 15,- €

04.04.    1x Shipping=> 12,- €

10.04.    1x Shipping=> 25,- €

Add these Services to a new Project Work Order. Name it: Shipping Costs.

In the Print Designer it shows every individual service in Rows.

Now if you add a fix price 62,- for the Project Work Order. => in the Print Designer it shows only the fixed price, no individual lines. 

So also in the Invoice the Project Work Order will appear as ONE line. NO details.

Into the NOTE you can write: Shipping Costs from 23.03.-10.04.

In the Financial Report the ‘fixed price will show up as Invoiced and the other elements as booked/

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