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What gets invoiced?

Project Views allow filtering and selecting different views within a Project.
The most usual views are "To Invoice/Invoiced", "Quotes", "Confirmed Bookings" and "Preliminary Bookings". The configuration of a Project View for invoicing in the Server Setup > Projects tab is essential. Here you will define which source is to be invoiced, e.g. Bookings, Services and Media Orders. Once done, your invoice view needs to be selected under the Final / Container View option, as the Invoice Creator will point to this view when generating invoices.

It is possible to modify what is to be invoiced per Project.
In the Edit Project window, click on farmerswife Eye icon and select to Show View Filters.
Select your invoice view, click on the padlock icon to unlock the view and choose the options that are to be included in the invoice. In the example below, the approved quote is to be invoiced.

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