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Materials, Services, Expenses, Objects

You can add Materials, Services,Expenses and Objects as line items to a project by clicking on the corresponding 'Extras' icons at the top of the project overview window. This will show the list of Materials, Services, Expenses and Objects (+ Object Classes) created in the Server Setup. Select the item and enter the required amount. If the item already has the correct amount entered from the server side, just click ok.

You can also create Materials, Services and/or Expenses by choosing 'Custom' at the bottom of the drop down lists.

If an Expense Sheet Template has been setup in the Server it will be available in the Expenses icon menu. There are no particular permission flags related with the Expense Sheet functionality. Any User who can add a simple Expense to a Project can also add an Expense Sheet, as long as there is an Expense Sheet Template set up in the Project tab on the Server. See next chapter.
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