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Project Containers

Containers can be used to bundle Projects that belong for example to the same campaign (e.g. 'Dove Summer Campaign' with Projects such as: 30” Cinema Adaption, 30” Soft Legs TVC, Billboard...), or brand (e.g. Mercedes Benz) or production (e.g. Container: Downtown Palma Season 1, with Projects such as “Episode 1” …).

You can also Report on a Container basis in the Financial Report, or load all Projects from a Container etc. in the Long Form > Project Tree.

Containers cannot be accessed directly but must always be connected to one or multiple Projects.

To create a New Container you need to select a Project in the Toolbox and attach to the Container.
In the Projects tab of the Toolbox, click on the drop-down menu icon and select Container > Attach > New (if there is no Container for this Project already).

A popup window will ask whether to Transfer Client And Matching Customs To Project.

  • Click No, if the Client and Custom Field information of the Project should stay.
  • Click Yes if the Client of the Project and matching Custom Fields should be updated with the Client and matching Custom Fields of the Container.
  • To Modify/Delete the Container, highlight one of the projects attached to it > click on the drop-down menu icon at the top left corner of the projects tab window in Toolbox > Edit > Modify the Container information or delete the container by clicking on the Delete button at the bottom of the Container window.

Custom Fields at Container level can be setup in the Server Setup > Projects tab > Container Customs.

Container Menu

  • New Project: Create a New Project that will be automatically attached to the Container.
  • Attach Project: Attach a Project to the Container.
  • Object Breakdown: If clicked the financial data from each Project (Final Invoice View) is displayed and summed up per Container.
  • Show: Switch between the different currencies set up in the Financial tab of the Server Setup.
  • Report: View or Save a simple HTML report on the container. Create reports through the report icon at the bottom.

Working with Containers

Adding Projects belonging to a Container to the Long Form

Add Projects from Containers to the Project Tree in the Long Form by clicking on the Project wheel icon and select Add Project. All available Containers are displayed below the Projects after the line separation.

Display Containers in Toolbox > Projects tab

To display Containers in the Projects tab of the Toolbox, click on the drop down menu, select Display and tick the option Container in the appearing list.

Search for Containers

To search for Containers in the Toolbox, type in the name of the Container in the search field.
To search for Containers in the Advanced Project Search, go to the Advanced Project Search menu button and use the corresponding search filter.

  • Edit: Choose Edit from the dropdown Menu if you want to access and modify the Container that the Project is linked to.
  • Delete: to delete a Container you first need to edit/modify the Container to be able to access it and then press Delete at the bottom of the Container window.

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