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Public Holidays - important changes in 6.4 SP2 (RC3)

Public Holiday Calendars:  Fixed multiple wrong Public Holiday dates in 2019 and later on the "Public Holidays Import" functionality for all now 7 available countries, see details.


On all 6 pre-existing "Public Holidays Import" by countries, there were unfortunately multiple wrong dates or wrong days in 2019 and later. All of them are now reviewed, checked and fixed.

We also added "Import Bank Holidays For Sweden".

We recommend:

1. Use "View Full List" and copy the contents for later review if necessary.

2. Use "Clear All Public Holidays From The System" for a clean slate start.

3. Use "Import Public Holidays For ..." your country if it exists. If it does not exist, please review the following information to e.g. adapt the "closest matching" pre-existing file for a fairly painless subsequent import.

IMPORTANT when using these pre-set Public Holiday lists: in your country, or region, or industry, or company different Public Holidays might apply or be more correct!

Please see the below instructions, on how to properly use this improved functionality.

For the "Import Public Holidays For ..." the pre-existing 7 countries, it will NOW read the data from the farmerswife Server-side stored "holiday" files for the import. Only these 7 presets will work.

These are located on your farmerswife Server root installation path > html_templates > other > new "holidays_importer" folder; this contains the below 7 listed "country-short-name.txt" files.

To use this functionality go to: farmerswife Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > "Public Holiday" button.

Click on this "Public Holiday" button to get the "Remove" or "Add" options.

=> "Remove" button:

Using this button will show selector list of all Public holidays ... single???select the one you want to remove.

=> "Add" button:

This button will open a Calendar to set the Date of the new Public Holiday, give it a Name.

NOTE: To "cancel" using the "Public Holiday" button, use the "esc" key on your keyboard until you reach the "Cancel" button on the next step and then use "Cancel" to abort the operation.

Use the sub-menu drop-down next to the "Public Holiday" button to:

=> "View Full List":

Using this option will open the "Current Public Holidays" pop-up window, listing all Public Holidays so far configured within farmerswife.

=> "Clear All Public Holidays From The System":

Using this option will do as it says, and clear all currently set Public Holidays from your farmerswife system.

=> Import Bank Holidays For Australia (au.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For Belgium (be.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For Denmark (dk.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For Germany (de.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For Sweden (se.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For UK (uk.txt)

=> Import Bank Holidays For USA (us.txt)

IMPORTANT: If you apply changes on the above mentioned files, use an advanced Text-edit-tool (e.g. "Notepad++" on Windows, or "Sublime 3" or "TextWrangler" on Mac), and ensure that the encoding of this file remains "UTF-8".

NOTE when using the " Import Bank Holidays For ..." feature:

- They do NOT affect pre-existing "Day Notes".

- Only 1 Public Holiday can be added per day.

After the import action, there will be a pop-up window containing two sections which shows what happened during the import:

=> "Added Public Holidays (amount):"

=> "Not Added Public Holidays (amount):"

If days are already configured as "Public Holiday" the "Import" will not add more. The ones not added will be listed here.

farmerswife has two different "Public Holiday" formats:

"All Day" = Will color the "Public Holiday" day in red.

"Half Day" = Will color the Public Holiday" day in orange. "Half Day" is typically used when a "Public Holiday" might not be observed in the whole country or industry, or if it's on a Sunday.

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