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Toolbox Settings Binder/Marker Defaults

The Binder and Marker Default Setting allows predefining a list of default Binder names (for example: Production, Post-Production, Exterior Shoot, Studio Shoot, ...), and a list of default Marker names (for example: Due Date, First Payment, Deadline, Tape Delivery,…). Each of these Binders and Markers can have a color code assigned to it. 

How to create/delete/modify Binder Defaults and Marker Defaults:

Create a new Custom Field by clicking on the Binder or Marker Name > Server Setup > New.  Then click on the Custom Field icon in the left.  

To add new Binder/Marker Names to the list, click on the selector bar next to Name / Customs > Server Setup > New.  As the Add New window opens, choose a Name with a corresponding color code. 

To set up related Custom Fields, click on the green plus icon. 

To modify an existing Binder/Marker Name select it in the selector bar > Server Setup > Modify. 

To delete an existing Binder/Marker Name, select it in the selector bar > Server Setup > Delete. 

To sort the Default Binder list by alphabet, click on the selector bar > Server Set Up > Sort By Name. 

The User can select a Default Binder or Default Marker. 

Binder and Marker Custom Fields can be added and used, however they can't be printed out.

See Binders and Markers articles for more information.

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