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Toolbox Contacts

Search on All, Clients, Resources, Globals, Privates by clicking on the selector bar.  Use the search field to enter a key word for searching. It searches throughout the standard and Custom Fields.

Tip:  To select various rows at once, click on one row, hold the CTRL-key (or cmd) and select further rows. To select more than one row, click on the first one, hold the SHIFT-key and click on the last row that should be select. Automatically the rows in between get also selected. Or use CTRL+A (cmd+A) to select all displayed Contacts.

Note:  Make sure that the selector bar is set correctly to Clients when searching for a Client or set the selector bar to All so the search is without limitations. Also check the Maximum Hits When Searching in the Toolbox > Settings tab > Miscellaneous before searching. If it is set to a limit of 100 Contacts and Enter-key is hit without any search criteria, some Contacts will not show up.

Drop-down menu

Summary: Generates a contact summary in HTML format from the displayed search result. The html report can be customized. The templates used for HTML Contact Reports are typically located in the C:\ProgramFiles\Farmers WIFE Server\html_templates\exports\contact_summary. Located in the same folder there is a "readme.txt" file containing a list of variables available for the report. For a detailed explanation on how to customize these reports or to request other report examples of contact summaries contact

New Contact: Create a new Contact.

New Contact From: Create a new Contact from the highlighted Contact.

Remove Contact: Remove a Contact. Can only be removed one by one.

New Project From: Creates a new Project for the selected Client Contact and fills in the Contact data.

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