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Toolbox Settings Frameworks

Frameworks are mostly used in a broadcast environment and stands for repetitive occurring events. Frameworks is a powerful tool to schedule resources and assets on a daily basis.  They can only be created via the use of a Static Binders within the Long Form, but are visible and modifiable in the Hourline.

The Toolbox > Settings > Framework contains options regarding the information on the displayed Framework structure in the Long Form.

Object Name: Displays the actual name of the User/Recourse/Object on the frameworked Object itself, for example Peter, Lee, Big Car.

Note: Displays the Note field from the specific frameworked Object (per day).

Hours: Displays in the Framework tree structure on the left side the total amount of hours that are needed from that particular Object Class over the whole created frameworked period.

Activity Icon: Displays the icon of the corresponding Activity of the Object/Recourse/User.

Draw Hour Boundary: The length of the Framework corresponds with the duration of the booked time. If this setting is disabled the Framework will be displayed at the length of the whole day.

Show Only Available Users From Personnel Tree In Allocate On Day Popup: See Labour Rules articles.

Show/Compute Personnel Data In Allocate On Day Pop Up: See Labour Rules articles.

Class Name: Displays the Object Class Name in the Framework Tree structure.

Days: Displays on the left side in the Framework Tree structure, the total amount of days needed from that particular Object Class over the whole frameworked period created.

Object Icon: Displays the corresponding icon from the specific frameworked Object.

Booking Note: Displays the Note field from the entire framework Booking (per day).

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