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Toolbox To-Do's

Under this tab, there is a list of Alarms, To-do's, pending Timereports, pending Work Orders, pending Media Orders, and Incoming Invoices waiting for approval. 

A User can create Alarms for other Users and for himself and involve others. When set, a little box with a bell icon is shown in the To-do's tab and in Hourline (on the time spot that the alarm has been set), indicating whether an Alarm has been set to done or not. Not done: red box with bell, pending= yellow box with bell, done = green box with bell. Click on the drop down menu and select New Alarm and the Alarm Edit Window opens. Type in a header and a note if necessary and select the day and time. To involve others click on the little drop down menu in the bottom window and select the Users from the drop down menu. Add a personal note to each involved User by clicking on the drop down menu icon next to the User icon.

Alarm Notification 
The Alarm appears in a pop-up window once it is due. Click on Open to read the note. Use the Snooze option to get reminded about the Alarm about 5 minutes later. If the User is not logged in he will receive an email containing the content of the Alarm. On the iPhone a push notification will appear.

Set Alarm To Done
A User can remove himself from the Alarm by clicking on the little square before the User >name in the bottom window and the line will be crossed. Advanced Users can set Alarms to Done for Task Users, whereas Task Users can only set their own Alarms to Done. Once an Alarm is set to Done the red triangle turns green. 

Delete an Alarm 
Open the Alarm and press the DELETE button. 

Hide Done or Pending Alarms
Go to the drop down menu in the left hand upper corner and select: Hide Done Alarms or Hide Pending Alarms.  

A User can create Todos for other Users and for himself. Todos can be created through the Toolbox or through the iOS application or the Web Client. To create a Todo in the Toolbox click on the drop down menu and select New Todo. Type in a >header and a note if necessary. Select the day, the time and set an Alarm. If it is set as Priority, a yellow triangle will appear next to this Todo line to call attention. The Todo can also be linked to a Project, however it can't be viewed inside of the Project - it just refers to the Project. By clicking on the text line of the Todo allows to Edit the Todo. To set a Todo to Done, click on the little checkbox in front of the Todo text line and it will be >scratched out (Done). Delete Done Todo's by clicking on Delete Done Todos in the drop down menu.

New Todo For Other Users 
To create a Todo for another User, click on the drop down menu and select New Todo For Another Users, and next from the drop down list of this option select the User. All Todos for other Users created by you will appear below: Todo's For Other Users, which will be displayed a bit further down in the list as the other Todo's. By clicking on the text line of the Todo it can be edited. To delete it click on the little checkbox in front of the Todo text line and confirm the removal. 

Todo From Contacts 
[A] A Todo can be created directly from a Contact. Set the Todo From Contacts to done by clicking on the checkbox. To hide done Todos From Contacts tick the option in the drop down menu. 

Project Work Orders and Media Orders 
[B][C] When a Project Work Order or a Media Order (licensed module) is assigned to a User, it will appear in the Todo tab of the Toolbox under Project Work Orders or under Media Orders. Click on the line and the Work Order / Media Order will open. Once the Work Order / Media Order is set to Done, the line in the Todo list will be displayed scratched out (Done) and can be hidden by choosing the option from drop down menu: Hide Done / Hidden. 

[D] All Timereports pending to be filled in will be listed here. By clicking on the red Time Report con the Time Report opens. Once filled in, it will disappear from the list. 

Time Report Sheet
By clicking on the little page icon next to Timereports, the AdHoc Time Report opens. For more details refer to the Time Report Sheets sub-chapter. 

Incoming Invoices Waiting For Approval 
[E] Incoming Invoices waiting for approval are listed here (only Users with the corresponding  permission will see this list). Click on the Incoming Invoice line or on the User or Object icon to edit the Incoming Invoice, to link it to a Project or to approve it. The Incoming Invoices lines are separated in three categories: For My Projects, For Other Projects and Global. For more information refer to the Purchase Order Manual.

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