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Toolbox Settings Hourline

Object Default Height: View setting related to the font size of the Display List at the left of the Client application. A standard size can be selected (Big/Small in accordance with the setup pixels for Big and Small, see below).

Height For "Small": Configures the number of pixels for Small, viewed in the Display List.

Works in combination with the Option: Toggle Big/Small (Hourline View Icon > Options >Toggle Big/Small).

Height For "Big": Configures the number of pixels for Big, viewed in the Display List. Works in combination with the Option: Toggle Big/Small (Hourline View Icon > Options > ToggleBig/Small).

Width Between Days: Configures the distance between the calendar days in the Hourline.

Font Size: Option to increase the text font size when used on big screens. By default this will be on "Standard". The User can then choose from Standard to +12. The Day/Week/Hours "bar"of the Hourline will only maximize to font size +4. When using larger font sizes for the various text displayed in the Hourline, also consider adapting the settings:

- Object Default Height

- Height For "Small"

- Hight For "Big"

And don't forget to then Save the Hourline views. The font size changes do not apply to the Long Form.

Viewable Time Frame: Configures the daily working hour display (beginning/end) in the Hourline. Activities: Enables the display of Activities on the Booking in the Hourline. The Activity’s icon or the note can only be seen if the User’s Timeline has enough height (44 pixels).

Timereports: Displays the Time Report icon on the Booking in the Hourline (red dot= not timereported, green dot= time reported, yellow dot= closed Project, white dot = invoiced Booking).  

The Time Report icon will still not appear on Objects (Rooms, Machines, Equipment) and Resources, if Time Report Completed On Users Time (in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup) is enabled.

Activities (Icon): Displays on the Booking the icon of the Activity of the booked Object in the Hourline.

Checkpoints: Displays the Checkpoint icon on the Booking as a little flag in red color = pending status, in yellow color = progress status, a finish line flag = completed status, in black color = canceled status. If the Checkpoint is set to Ignore, it will not appear on the Booking.

Activities (Text): Displays the name of the Activity of the booked Object, on the Booking in the Hourline.

Breaks: Displays the time reported Breaks on the Booking with a coffee cup icon.

Projects: Displays the Project icon that can be used as a shortcut to access the Project menu.

Clients: Displays the Client icon that can be used as a shortcut to go to the Contact window of the client.

Status: Displays the Status icon on the Booking (little colored square) that indicates the general Booking Status (Global Status) and the Actual Status (Sub Status) when doing a mouseover. By clicking on the square the Global Status can be changed.

Notes: Displays the Booking Note icon (yellow text balloon) on the Booking in the Hourline.  When doing a mouse over it displays the full text of the note.

Notes (Object): Displays the Object Note icon on top of the icon of the booked Object. (The setting “Involved” has to be ticked, see below). A mouse over will display the note.

Involved: Displays the icons of the booked Objects who are part of one and the same Booking. Do a mouse over for the Objects name and more Booking information.

Invoice Flag: Will show a yellow triangle if a Booking has the Invoice Flag set to a status different than Ready. Only when the Booking is ready to invoice, the yellow triangle will disappear from the Booking. Special User Permission is necessary: Edit Invoice Flag.  Involved Status: A green (confirmed) or red frame (preliminary) will be drawn around the Object icons. To change the Status, do a left-mouse click on the Object Icon > Other > ForceConfirm, Confirm Day or Preliminary Day or Confirm From Time Range or Preliminary From Time Range if days are highlighted in the Long Form (The setting Involved has to be ticked).

Use Project/Client Colors: Bookings/Tasks will be displayed with the assigned Task/Projector Client color if one has been assigned (Default color: light blue). If this option is disabled the Booking/Task will be displayed in its Sub Status color (Planning/Preliminary/Confirmed or it might be overwritten by any of the other color options see settings further down.

Display Selected Involved: The "Involved" option must be enabled to use this option. This works together with the "Do Not Display Involved If In Own Row" and WIFE Client > Toolbox > Settings > Display > "Inventory / Full Name" ... (Displays the full name instead of the default"Nickname".)  

Upon enabling "Display Selected Involved", check-boxes will appear in the Edit Booking window next to each Involved Object, for the user to decide which Involved to display on the Booking in the Hourline. Next to the enabled option "Display Selected Involved", a new drop-down menu will appear, which lists all Object Categories (Users, Objects, Resources,Object Classes). In this drop-down menu by selecting the various options, the default Involved can be defined that should always be checked on every Booking and thus be displayed.  

Each User can configure these options in accordance to what they need to view on the Bookings in the Hourline.

Show Requests: Enable or disable here the option to see Request Bookings in the Hourline.

Do Not Display Involved If In Own Row: See setting above: Display Selected Involved for further settings. This setting "Do Not Display Involved If In Own Row", will hide an Involved Object, even if its check-box is ticked to be displayed on the Booking on the Hourline. This setting will override the "Display Selected Involved". Even if this Object is visible in the Hourline, the Booking will be hidden on its own "Object row".  

Use Involved User Color: When enabled the Booking changes its color to the involved User color. If no User is involved the color will be in the Project/Client or Sub Status color depending if the setting: Use Project/Client Colors is enabled. This option overrides the Project/Client Colors but it will be overwritten by the Use Booking Name Color.

Use First Booked Object Activity Color: Using this feature the defined Activity Color of the first booked Room or User/Resource will be applied to the Booking in the Hourline. If the Booking does not contain Objects with Activities then the Booking Color will have the Booking Status Color. The Hourline settings Use Project/Client Colors and Use Involved User Color as well as Use Booking Name Color will override the Activity Color. The colors of Activities are set up in the Server Setup > Bookings tab. Activities with matching names will inherit the color given in the Server Setup.

Use Booking Name Color: Color setting that makes it possible to color Bookings according to their Booking Name. If activated, the Bookings will use the associated color when drawn in the Hourline.

Punch Clock: If Punch Clock is used, and this setting is enabled the Punch Clock times of the Users are displayed in the Hourline. See the Punch Clock chapter within this manual.

Always Force Preliminary Color When Preliminary: Displays the Bookings in the color of the (selected) Preliminary Status so they can be easily recognized among other Bookings inConfirmed status or in Project/Client color. This setting will always override all other color settings.

Always Force Planning Color If Planning: Displays the Bookings in the color of their Planning Status so they can be easily recognized among other Bookings in confirmed Status orin Project/Client color. This setting will always override all other color settings.

Pending Media Orders With Deadline: Displays the Media Order icon in the header of the day if a Media Order has been set with a deadline. The Media Order icon can be used as a shortcut to enter the Media Order window directly.

Show Only Media Orders When I Am Involved: The Media Order icon will only show if the Media Order was created by the User that is logged in or if this User is involved in this MediaOrder.

Show Week Number: Displays the number of the according week in the header of the day in brackets.

Alarms: Shows the Alarm icon in the header of the according day and hour (triangle in yellow= pending, green = checked by all assigned Users, or red = overdue and not checked by everybody).

Show Online Users: Displays next to the User in the Display List view the Online icon to indicate that this User is connected to the farmerswife Server. This icon will only appear if theA llow Chat functionality is enabled in the General tab of the Server Setup. By clicking on theOnline icon of another User, the Users can chat with each other.

Show Media Order Name / Project Name: When enabled, the Media Order Name / ProjectName will be displayed in the main Hourline pop-up menu on creating a Media Order Booking on the Hourline. If it is disabled, the pop-up menu will show the previous default information Media Order / Media Order Number.

Open Bookings On Single Click: When enabled, opens Bookings with a single click.  

Booking Text Line 1,2,3,4: Each Booking can display up to 4 lines of information in the Hourline. Click on the Booking text line to select the information that should be displayed.  Three Booking Text lines can be seen if the height is set to 56 pixels or more (if the Activity icon and name is shown, only 2 lines can be seen.) If set to 78,3 Bookings lines can be seen or 4 depending if the Activity icon and name are shown or not. The text line information on the Bookings will be hidden if the Booking is displayed in small mode. Expand the Object’s Timeline to see the Booking lines.

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