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Toolbox Settings Class/Objects

Book Object’s Accessories: When booking an Object that is set up with one accessory or more, the accessory(ies) will be automatically booked as well.

Book Object’s Accessories (Thru Class): When booking via Object Classes in the Long Form, the Accessories belonging to the booked Object will be automatically booked as well.

Book Object’s Accessories (Thru Template): When creating a Booking via the use of BookingTemplates, the Accessories set up with the original booked Objects will be booked as well.

Book Object's Accessories (Thru Auto Find): Used for finding automatically the available Objects to book on a Framework; the Accessories set up with that Object will also be booked (without being part of the Framework).

Use First Pick Object If Booking Status Is Set To Other Than Confirmed: When creating a Booking in Planning or Preliminary (Sub) Status, farmerswife will use the Pick First option of that Object Class.

Allocate Object Even If Its Not Available: This setting controls when booking an Object Class if the "No Object" or a conflicted Object should be added. This is ticked off by default, to allow to book a "No Object" which inherits the Object Class rates.

Auto Book External Object When No Object Found: When booking an Object Class while being out of stock of that particular Object Class, one Object of the External Supplier will be booked; if the Objects that they are supplying are properly set up under the Contact name of the Supplier in the Global Contacts.  The Object from the External Supplier will be booked in Preliminary Status.  After checking the availability with the Supplier the Object can be manually changed to Confirmed, via the Object Menu.

Check Object’s Accessories For Conflicts When Searching: Enables or disables the Conflict functionality (the Pop up Conflict window and Object being put in Preliminary Sub Status) on the Accessories of the booked Object.

Modify Object’s Days To Booking Days When Moving: With this setting enabled, while working on the Long Form if an Object is dragged from Booking A and dropped into Booking B, it will inherit the same days and time as Booking B. If this setting is disabled the Object will keep its original days and time, but now will be part of Booking B.

Replace Class When Replacing Object: If an Object gets replaced by an Object belonging to a different Object Class, it will inherit this new Object Class.

Check Preliminary Bookings For Conflicts When Searching: When booking by Object Class, farmerswife will search for available Objects to replace that Object Class - it will not only check Confirmed Bookings, but also Preliminary and Planning Bookings. If all Objects belonging to the Object Class are booked, a message will say Failed To Find Available Object(s) For Class:xxx.

Ask For Class And Activity When Booking: When booking an Object that belongs to one or more Object Classes and has Activities assigned to it, a popup windows appears where the Object Class and the Activities for this particular Object can be selected. If no Activity is required, choose (No Activity).

When Allocating Object For Object Class Only Look For Objects That Has Its Dispatched Division Matching The Booking Project: Setting available if the Division Module is licensed: farmerswife will only take Objects in the Object Class which Dispatch Division matches theProject's Division. This helps, to dispatch Objects on Projects to match the same Division. If for example, HD Cam1 was returned to the Rental Division and HD Cam 2 and 3 were returned to the Picture Division and a new Booking has to be created on the HD Cam Object Class for a Project which belongs to Division Picture, only HD Cam 2 and 3 are taking into consideration, since HD Cam 1 is not available for the Project's Division.

Warn When Swapping Objects If Any Objects Has Other Bookings On The Day: Not ticked by default. When swapping Objects and any of the Objects has other Bookings (not necessarily on the same time spot, but just other Bookings) on those days a Warning dialogue is now shown, see details. From this window it is possible to cancel the swapping process.

Use Dialog To Allocate Objects For Object Class: (This is by default off). If activated, whenever an Object Class is booked and "Allocate Objects: Yes"selected, it will no longer just book the first available Object, but instead show a dialog window listing the available Class Members, so a specific one can be picked.

Allocate Object When Booking Object Class: Used for planning. If set to No, the pure Object Class will be booked; an Object can be added later. If set to Yes, an Object belonging to the Object Class will be allocated. If set to Ask, a popup window will ask whether an Object should be allocated or not.

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