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Toolbox Objects

In the Objects tab all added Objects to the database will show.

Click on the selector bar to select All, or any other category for searching.

Use the search field to enter a key word for searching. It searches by name and inventory number.

To select various rows at once, click on one row, hold the CTRL-key and select further rows. To select more than one row in a row, click on the first one, hold the SHIFT-key and click on the last row that should be select. Automatically the rows in between get also selected.  Click on the selector bar at the bottom to search among the different Object Categories or on All.

Make sure that the Maximum Hits When Searching is set to No Limit for any search. Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous >Maximum Hits When Searching.

Objects drop-down menu
The next two options only show if the Long Form is activated in the User profile and if the Navigation tab Long Form is selected.

Solo View In Tree: Adds the highlighted Object/s to the Objects tree and replaces the previously displayed Objects.

Add to Tree: Adds the highlighted Object/s to the Objects tree. Already listed Objects remain.

Show Accessories: Shows the Accessories of the highlighted Object. This option is grayed out if no Accessory is setup for this Object. Refer to the Server Setup manual for more info on how to add and use Accessories.

Show Group Members: This option is available when Groups is selected in the selector bar atthe bottom. It lists the members of the highlighted Group.

Show Available Objects For Time Range: Select a Time Range in the Long Form to see which Objects are available for the Time Range.

Barcode Collector: (For Legacy Tracker tool) Works in conjunction with the Legacy Tracker. Used in rental workflows for tracking Objects. Allows scanning Objects to check them in or out.To use the Barcode Collector option refer to the ML Setup Barcode Labels solutions.

Show Inactive: By default, inactive Objects are not listed. In order to be able to run reports on inactive Objects, tick this option. They will be listed and highlighted in red.

Financial Report On Selected Objects: Creates a Financial Report on the highlighted Objects. Refer to the Financial Reports solutions for details.

Project Todos Report On Selected Objects: The Project Todos Report is accessible directly from the Project Todos window (bottom-right corner) and also from the Toolbox > Objects > Select the Objects (only possible for Users and Resources), right-click and select "Project TodosReport On Selected objects". The report will iterate over the selected Objects and find all active Projects where the Object has any Project Todos.

Maintenance: Create, Edit and Release Maintenance Bookings on Objects and run reports onthem. Please refer to the Maintenance Bookings solutions for further information.

Display: Personalize the columns to be displayed or hidden: Division (if licensed), Dispatch Status (if licensed), Primary Class, Type, Inventory / Full Name, Activities, Accessories, Ref.

Add Selected Objects To Basket: Click on the Objects that should belong in one Basket. Give the Basket a name. The Basket appears for example in the Financial Reports Designer to easily select multiple Objects at a time.

Remove Selected Objects From Basket: This option only appears if a Basket exists. Remove the selected Objects from the Basket by highlighting the Objects and clicking on this option.

Load List From Basket: This option only appears if a Basket exists. Load the Objects that belong to the Basket into the Objects tab.

Remove Basket: This option only appears if a Basket exists. Select the Basket that should be deleted.

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