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Toolbox Settings Booking Defaults

Global Status

Global Status is the status of the Booking itself. The name and colour can be personalised and it is possible to create more Statuses if needed.

To set up, modify or delete a Global Status, click on the selector bar next to Global Status, go to Server Setup option and choose the relevant option: New/ Modify/ Delete.

To create a new Global Status click on New and enter a name in the Header of the Edit Global Status window, choose a colour and select the Sub Status.

  • Sub Status: There are three fixed Sub Status behaviours in farmerswife. When you create a Global status you will define a Sub Status that will determine the behaviour of the Global status you have created. 

  • Confirmed: The Booking is confirmed by the Client. A Conflict Warning will appear if a second Confirmed Booking is made overlapping the first one. The Booking created last will automatically be put to Preliminary Status (Actual Status). 
  • Preliminary: The red colour of the Preliminary Sub Status indicates that this Booking still is not confirmed. When creating a Confirmed Booking which overlaps the existing Preliminary Booking, no Conflict Warning will appear. (There is a Toolbox setting to enable conflicts on preliminary bookings in the section Server Setup)
  • Planning: This Sub Status is mostly used to create pencil bookings or roughly planning. When creating a Confirmed Booking which overlaps the existing Planning Booking, no Conflict Warning will appear. 

    The Default Sub Status colour can be changed within Toolbox > Settings > Display.

    Sort the Global Status list by name or sort by (Sub) Status. When sorted by Sub Status the Global Statuses will be organised from Planning > over Preliminary > to Confirmed Sub Status.  

    Once done, select the default Status in the selector bar. This will be the default Status for Bookings made by the logged in User.  Each User can select their own preferred default Global Status.

Booking Names & Customs

This feature provides a list of customised Booking names with related Custom Fields, Print Designer Templates, and Pre-Defined Services.

Advanced Users with Super User rights can create/modify/delete or sort the Booking Names by clicking on the selector field next to Booking Names & Customs, Server Setup and choosing the corresponding option: New/ Modify/ Delete.

When creating a Booking, it will automatically take the default Booking Name.  The default Booking Name will be the name selected to be displayed in the Booking Names & Customs field.  The Booking Name can then be changed in the Edit Booking window to any available Booking Name from the list, or a name can be manually entered.  

Custom Fields Booking Setup

To create, modify, erase a booking name 

  • Name/ Colour:  Enter a Booking Name.  A Booking can be colour coded by Booking Name according to the colour selected.  The colour will be displayed in the little box next to the Booking Name.  See the Colour Coding solutions for more information.

  • Customs:  Click on the Add New icon to create a new custom field to be displayed when the associated name is selected.  In the Custom Field window define the Type, Label (Name) and other options. For more information on creating Custom Fields, see the Custom Fields solutions.

  • Print Designer Template:  It is also possible to pre-define the Print Designer Template that will be used when printing a Booking Report.
    Templates are designed in the Print Designer.  Once done, assign to the Booking Name by clicking on the selector bar next to Print Designer Template and selecting the corresponding template.
    When creating a Report via the Report icon from the Booking window, it will be automatically opened with the predefined Template.

  • Pre-Defined Services:  Click on the Add New icon to add a Service or Object (User, Resources, Rooms, Machines) that will be displayed in the Booking Window by Default.
    Enter the Amount in the new window. Tick the Checkbox to add the Service/ Object by default to the Time Report. Remove the Object by clicking on the trashcan icon.

  • When using Pre-Defined Services: 
    • A new window will appear at the bottom of the Edit Booking window, next to the Involved window.

    • If the Service had been Added By Default the default amount will be displayed.

    • To add the Service to the Time Report, check and enter an amount of Units.
    • To remove the Service form the Time Report, uncheck the box.

    • The added Service from the Edit Booking window will appear in the Time Report window listed on the actual day. If today is after the last day of the Booking, the Extra will be added with the Date of the last day of the Booking. If today is before the first day of the Booking, the Extra will be added with the date of the first day of the Booking.

    • Removing the Service from Time Report will uncheck the box in the Booking window.

    • Changing the amount in the Time Report will change the Units/Amount in the Booking window.

  1. Upon changing the Booking Default Name to another Name that does not contain the same Pre-Defined Services, farmerswife will ask if any of the Pre-Defined Services should be deleted. If any Services are moved to the ‘Non-Selected’ side, the Services will still be in the Extras of the Timereport after the Booking Name is changed.

  2. Upon changing the Booking from another Name to one that has Pre-Defined Services, farmerswife will notify which Services have been added.

* Pre-Defined Services And The Print Designer:  If a Booking is over multiple Days and a report is to be created for each day, the Service will only appear on the day it has been added to the Timereport under the Rows section in the Print Designer. If the Service is to be displayed every day as information for e.g. a shooting report, it can be added to the From Details section through the plus icon > Booking Templates > Pre-defined Services. This will give a YES/ NO information only and is not monetary.

Sort By Name

Sorts the Booking Names alphabetically

Report Types:  Define here multiple "Report Types" for a single Booking Name. This allows that when doing"Batch Printing" from the Advanced Project Search, one Booking can be printed using multiple templates (with different configuration and layout) in one batch.

First create the Booking Name (Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Name / Customs >Server Setup > New e.g. 'Shoot') with related Custom Fields (e.g. 'Location', ...), PredefinedServices (e.g. 'Lunch' etc.) etc. Then design and save the different configured Print Designer templates for the Booking Name e.g. 'Shoot Personnel' and 'Shoot Equipment.

Add the "Report Types" through Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Name / Customs >Server Setup > Report Types > click on the green plus icon and type the name in the new window.

Open the Booking Name through Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Name / Customs >select: 'Shoot' > Server Setup > Modify.

In the 'Print Designer Template' window, select the corresponding templates for the ReportTypes. Select the Default template, e.g. 'Shoot Personnel' and for the second Report Type,select the template: 'Shoot Equipment'. Any previous associated "Print Designer Templates"with Booking Names are set automatically as 'Default'.


The use of Booking/ Task Checkpoints in farmerswife indicates the Users with a little triangle on the Booking in the Long Form (if enabled) if the job action is still in a Pending Status (red), in Progress Status (yellow), in a Completed Status (green) or a Canceled Status (black). In the Hourline, the icon is a little flag with a yellow circle around it (the yellow circle will disappear if the Checkpoint is set to completed). The flag takes the state colour as described above only the completed status will show in a cheque red flag. If the Checkpoint is set to Ignore Status the icon won’t appear on the Booking.  The Checkpoint Status can be changed by clicking on the Checkpoint icon on the Booking, or via the Edit Booking window.

In Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > predefine one of the five Checkpoint Statuses a Booking will have when created.  

To use Checkpoints, activate the following settings:

  1. Hourline: Go to Toolbox > Settings > Hourline > select Checkpoints.

  2. Long Form: Go to Toolbox > Settings > Project Tree > select Checkpoints.

  3. Task Bookings: Go to Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > select Use Checkpoints For Tasks.

Time In / Out

Predefines the default Booking time for Bookings directly created in the Long Form or in the Hourline on marked days in the Time Range.

Predefine the Booking time with the selector widget In and Out Time that rounds until 15minutes. Or type in any start and end time by clicking on the little grey square.

Use Time Range

This is a personal Long Form default Booking range configuration when adding Objects to already existing Bookings. Options are:

  • Booking Time Range: The Object that is being added to a Booking will be booked over the whole period of the Booking.

  • Marked Time Range: The Object that is being added to a Booking will be booked for the period that has been selected (highlighted day(s) in yellow) in the Long Form.

  • Ask: Recommended option. A window will pop up asking whether the Object should be added to the Booking Time Range or the Marked Time Range.

Print HTML Template

This option allows to print an html report directly from the Booking and from the Booking Note window. Once a template is selected a little printer icon appears on the Booking window's right bottom corner and on the Note window.

For further information, please refer to HTML_Direct_Printing_from_Class_Booking_and_Note.

Use Actual Time Range

This is a Booking default setting which books through the night when a Booking lasts more than one day. Mostly used for rental workflows.

Use Time Reporting

This setting enables the Time Report option. If this setting is disabled all the time report icons and hour reporting options will disappear on future Bookings.  

It is still possible to time report the Extras (Objects, Material, Services, Expenses) via the Booking menu > Edit Time Report / Extras.

To be able to see the time Report icon in the Hourline, tick Timereports option in Toolbox >Settings tab > Hourline.

If two Advanced Users have the Booking Time Report setting in a contrast mode and they are both involved in the same Booking, then the owner of the Booking determines the setting.

Extras Included In Fixed Price

This option is related to Fixed Price on Bookings (within the Edit Booking window).

If this option is enabled all Extras (Objects/ Material/ Services/ Expenses) that are time reported by that User will be included in the Fixed Price of the Booking.

If this option is disabled, the Extras appear under the Fixed Price and will be added as additional costs.

Use Checkpoints for Tasks

When ticked, this option allows the User to see Checkpoints also in Task Bookings.

Use Type Popup When Creating New Booking/Task

After the drag and drop action when booking in the Hourline, an automatic popup menu will appear allowing the User to choose between the following options:


  • A Booking to be added to the latest Project the User worked in. 
  • A Booking to be added to a Recent Project, 
  • A Booking to be added to an existing Project, 
  • A Project Booking through the Client selection, 
  • A Media Order Booking, 
  • A Task Booking, 
  • A Personnel Management Booking (if booking on User),
  • A Maintenance Booking (if booking on Object), 
  • Show Only My Projects: Shows only those Projects that the User created. 
  • Show Options In A List: a Popup Options window opens offering a search filter - it only appears if the list of Projects, Tasks, etc becomes too long to display in the Type Popup. 

Use Binder Pop Up

It gives the possibility after choosing the Booking type in the Hourline to add the Booking to a Binder (new/ Project Binders/ none) via a popup menu, instead of dragging and dropping the Booking into the Binder manually.

Show Default Binder List

It works in combination with the previous option, Use Binder Pop Up, and gives the possibility to add the Booking to one of the default Binder names listed in the popup menu or to one of the Binder names already included in the Project.

See how to set up default binder list in Toolbox > Settings > Binder/ Marker Defaults.

Auto Popup Booking Window On New Booking

When creating a new Booking or Task, the Edit Booking window will automatically pop up.

Show Add Note When Adding An Extra

When adding an Extra (Object/ Service/ Material/ Expense) in the Time Report window, a note field pops up for the User to be able to fill in a note in regards to the Extra.

If this setting is not enabled, the Note can still be found by selecting Edit in the drop down menu, next to the amount of the added Extra.

Warn for Conflicts

Show Booking Times in Booking Window Involved Pane

Ability to edit time in/ out for each Involved Object per individual day directly in Booking Window >  Involved. 

Multi-Day booking: If you change the time on the “main” line, it will change the time for that object for every day. To change a specific days time, expand the triangle for the Involved object.

When Copying Bookings:

When a Booking is copied, it can be practical to reset some info. Define the options here:

  • Reset Booking Status
  • Clear Time Report
  • Clear Object Note
  • Make All Objects Preliminary

Objects Statuses and Multiple Day Bookings

The Booking Status is affected by the Object Status of the Objects that are involved in the Booking.

A Booking can have a Global Status, but in the mouse over an Actual Status appears.

Actual Status

The Actual Status reflects the status of the Objects within the Booking (e.g. if one Object within a Booking has a Conflict, but the job has been confirmed, the Global Status of the whole booking will be Confirmed, but the Actual Status, Mixed).

It is also linked to the Sub Status that indicates the Status of the individual Objects booked on the Booking. An Object can have all days in the Booking on:

  • Planning: All Objects are booked with all days in grey/ planning.
  • Preliminary: All Objects have all days Preliminary, due to Conflicts or due to the Sub Status of the Global Status.
  • Mixed: One or more booked Objects with Preliminary days and Confirmed days.

Object Status

To change the Status of the Object, click on the Object icon menu > Other:

* Force Confirm: If the Object has Conflicts but the Object needs to be double booked.

Object Statuses in Multiple Day Bookings

The next two options can be used if Multiple Day Bookings are used but not all days of a involved Resource are confirmed yet.

Via the Object Status it is possible to have the Booking in a confirmed Global Status, but somedays on Preliminary due to the fact that the Resource involved hasn't confirmed all days yet.This is easily visible in the Longform.

Click on the Involved Objects icon in the Booking in the Longform > Other:

  • Confirm (All) Day(s): Will confirm that Object's Status to Confirmed for this day.
  • Preliminary (All) Day(s): Will set the Object's Status to Preliminary.
  • Confirm From Time Range: Mark a Time Range of days you want to confirm. Conflicts will remain red and need to be force-confirmed.
  • Preliminary From Time Range: Mark a Time Range of days you want to set a Preliminary.

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