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Toolbox Object Classes

Object Classes allow booking Objects on a type or Class basis. 

*To select various rows at once, click on one row, hold the CTRL-key or the cmd-key and select further rows. To select more than one row in a row, click on the first one, hold the SHIFT-key and click on the last row that should be select. Automatically the rows in between get also selected. 

*Make sure that the Maximum Hits When Searching is set to No Limit for any search. Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous >>Maximum Hits When Searching.

The first column displays the Name of the Object Class, the rest show the First,Second and Third Picks, if these have been configured.  Refer to the Object Manager solutions for more details.


Object Classes drop-down menu (The next two options only show if the Long Form is activated in the User profile and if the Navigation tab Long Form is selected.

Solo View In Tree: The Objects belonging to the highlighted Objects Class will replace the previous listed Objects in the Objects Tree in the Long Form. 

Add To Tree: The Objects belonging to the highlighted Object Class will be added to the Objects Tree in the Long Form. Already listed Objects will remain. 

Show Members: Click on Show Members to see which Objects belong to the highlighted Object Class. Automatically the Toolbox focus will change to the Objects tab.  (Shortcut: Double click on the Object Class line to get the same result.) 

Show Number Of Available Members From Time Range: This functionality works in conjunction with the Long Form. Select and highlight in the Long Form a Time Range and click on this option to show the number of available members of all Object Classes in the selected Time Range. In front of the Object Class name a number indicator will appear ( e.g. 1 / 4 - CG, means that 1 CG out of 4 are available in the selected Time Range.)

Financial Report On Selected Object Classes: Create a Financial Report on the selected Object Classes. A pop up dialogue will appear to select whether to create a Financial Report on the Objects that are booked with that Class or on the pure Object Class. It is possible to select both or just one of the options. Refer to the Financial Reports manual for more details.

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