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Project Details

When creating a new Project, details can be entered as required.

Left-hand side of project window:

If the project is linked to a container, the container icon will appear in the very top left corner next to the name of the container.

  • Name: Enter the name of the project.
  • Number: An incremental number is auto-generated.
  • Active: Define whether the project is Active or Closed, by selecting Yes or No respectively.
  • Client/ Contact: The client company and contact for the project.

Define the client/ customer details for the project from the drop down menu that appears when you put your cursor in the Client or Contact field. As soon as you start typing the name or the company name the drop down list will be filtered to show only the names/companies that match the typed string.

To add a new client/ customer click on the drop down arrow on the right and select New Client. Define the details of the new client/ customer which will then be added to the Contacts database.

  • ID: Client ID is auto populated from the contact record.
  • Email: Contact email address is auto populated from the contact record.
  • Note: Any additional notes regarding the project.
  • Client Access: Web Client Module related setting. See separate Manual.
  • Prices: Web Client Module related setting. See separate Manual.
  • Note: Project related notes.
  • Invoice Note: Any additional invoice related notes.
  • Custom Fields: Any field below the line is a Project Custom Field, which are optional and can be defined dependant on your need.

Use the Server Setup to create new Custom Fields.

Right-hand side of Project Window:

  • Discounts: The top of the project windows right hand side is where you find the Category Discounts. These discounts, if applied, will add a discount to any object from that category added to the project. The discount can be set per project or be pre-defined per client contact. So each time a certain client is selected, the discounts change accordingly.

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