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Forward Budget Details to Actuals

When there is no need to schedule a Budget Line because e.g. it is an outsourced service, you can use the Forward Budget Details To Actuals option. Click on the Budget Line to highlight it in yellow, next right-click on it and from the Budget Details menu select Forward Budget Details To Actuals. This will create a Project Object under your Actuals Project View, with the same price (buy and sell) and quantity, and at the same time will get attached to the Budget Line.


                                                                        Forward Budget Details To Actuals


                                                                                                        Project Object under Actuals View

When using this option on a Budget Detail that already has one or more Actuals attached to it, there is a warning dialog 'An Actual Is Already Attached To This Budget Detail. Are You Sure?'. This is to avoid creating duplicate Actuals by mistake. But you can still click Confirm to get the Actual created again.

If you need to reverse this process and delete that Actual, you can click on the Actual line to highlight it in yellow, next right-click on it and from the Actuals menu select Delete Actuals.

Note that this is different from 'Detach Actuals' which only detaches the Actual from the Budget Line but does not delete the Actual.


"Attach Actuals To Active Budget" when creating a Booking.

This works based on the "Auto-Assignment Steps". If there is no Auto-Assignment Step set for the Object, it will not be attached and will be added to the Actuals pane at the bottom of the Budget window.

Only Actuals can be attached to a Budget Detail: an Actual being what you have configured in the "Budget Actuals View" in fw Server > Setup > Projects > Project Views > Actuals.

To start using this new setting go to: fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > "Attach Actuals To Active Budget".

It is a per-user setting and only available for users with "Can Edit Budget" enabled in their "Permission Profile".

These are the three possible values to select from:

  • "No": This is the default value, the feature is not active for this user.

  • "Yes": As an Object is booked on a Project, it will get automatically attached to the corresponding Budget Detail on the Active Budget, according to the Auto-Assignment Step. If there are multiple Active Budgets, a pop-up window will allow selecting one. This window only has an "OK" button - there is no "Cancel" button because at this point the Booking has already been created.

  • "Ask": This has the same behaviour as the previous option, but the window will always pop-up displaying "Don't Allocate" as default option and below display all Active Budgets.

This functionality works when creating a Booking:

  • In the Hourline and in the Long Form (in any of the usual ways: drag and drop on the Hourline, any Long Form tree or from Toolbox > Objects or Object Classes);
  • By dragging one or multiple Objects to an existing Booking, in the Hourline and in the Long Form;
  • By booking an Object Class and selecting to allocate a Member;
  • By adding an Object through the Involved pane in the Edit Booking window.

NOTE: This functionality is NOT active when working in "Scheduling Mode".

It is also not applying to "Pre-Defined Services" that are applied to a booking when choosing a Booking Name. (but coming soon!)

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