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Printing a Quote / Budget

To print out a quote, the Financial Reports Designer is used. In the bottom-right corner of the Budget window, there is an icon for quick access. If some print templates have been created already and the option 'For Budgeting' has been enabled on them, they can also be directly accessed from this icon:

Currently there are up to 3 grouping levels for generating Financial Reports, and there are 6 Budget-related groupings to choose from: 

  • Budget: Select this option to group by Budget title.
  • Budget Category: Select this option to group by Budget Category, e.g. Category name such
  • as Post Production.
  • Budget Account (Main): Select this option to group by the Account, e.g. main Account number and name such as Deliverables.
  • Budget Account (Assigned): An Account may have multiple Sub-Accounts. Use this option to show the Budget Account Assigned (=Sub-Account) instead of the main Account. E.g. Files, could be a Sub-Account for Account Deliverables.
  • Budget Details: Select this option to group info per Budget Detail, which have the Objects or Object Classes added to the Quote. This grouping makes it possible to compare Budgeted vs Actualized info, since it collects all the lines belonging to one Budget Detail (e.g. multiple Actuals can be attached to a single Budget Detail).
  • Custom Fields (Budget): Group by Custom Fields created at Budget level.

"Budget", "Budget Category", "Budget Account (Main)" and "Budget Account (Assigned)" groupings have access to the Budget information, such as Quote Number and Budget Custom Fields, as well as Project information, such as Client, Note, Project Custom Fields, necessary for designing the header of the Quote.

Please refer to the Financial Reports section for details on how to design reports. See below for an example of the finished Quote:

Quote in the Financial Reports Designer

Is it possible to show VAT on a budget/quote?

You can from the TOTALS groupings enable the fields/values for VAT, Total With VAT.

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