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Alternative Budget Structure

Alternative Budget Structure

To be able to compare Budgets to each other, they must use the same Budget Structure, i.e. have the same Categories and Accounts. However, when quoting a customer, it is sometimes necessary to create the quote using the customer's own Budget Structure. This is possible by creating an 'Alternative Budget Structure' in the Budget Settings window. The quote can be changed to have the new structure by clicking on the pop-up next to the Budget in the Budgets list. This can only be done when the Budget is empty or is otherwise compatible.
Check with your farmerswife Project Manager before implementing this option.

There is an important limitation to consider before creating alternative budget structures: Budgets with an alternative structure cannot be 'Active Budget'. The reason for this is for reporting purposes, you cannot compare apples and oranges.

  • Allow Adding Directly To Budget Categories: Enabling this option, allows you to add BudgetDetails to Budget Categories. Disable it to only allow adding to Accounts.
  • Budget Operators By Default Added To Actuals: It makes sense to have this option enabled,if you wish to apply the same budget operators to your Actuals view and Invoice view, if thisis including Actuals instead of Active Budget. See more details under Budget Operators.

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