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Attaching Actuals to Budgets

To see how a Project is doing, it is important to be able to compare what was budgeted/ quoted with the actual usage. To be able to do this, the Actuals have to be attached to their corresponding lines in the Active Budget.

Actuals created and attached using the Scheduling Mode

Bookings created by drag & drop through the Scheduling Mode, get automatically attached to the corresponding Budget line.

Once Bookings are added using the Scheduling Mode, the new Bookings get automatically attached to the corresponding Budget Detail. Use the Arrow icon to the left of the corresponding Budget Detail to expand or collapse the Actuals details.

If the Booking Global Status is not set to Confirmed, the Actuals will not be attached to the Budget lines. Only once they are Confirmed, they will appear in the Actuals pane at the bottom of the Budget window waiting to be attached to the corresponding Budget Detail.
Therefore IF you use a default PRELIMINARY Global Status, you can include "Preliminary" Bookings to the "Budget Actuals" view so they are auto attached when using the Scheduling Mode!

Booking Lines Attached To Budget Details

The orange and turquoise columns show the numbers for two different Time Report Modes:

  • The To Date numbers (orange columns) are from the To Invoice / Used mode.
  • The Forecast numbers (turquoise columns) are from the To Invoice / Used / Booked mode.
  • The To Date holds the already used and time reported Actuals; and the Forecast shows a projection of where the Actuals will end up if all time reports are filled out as Booked.

In this example, no Time Reports are filled out yet, so the To Date numbers are still 0.

Actuals from all Sources (Bookings, Media Orders, Work Orders, Project Objects, Extras, Time Reported Extras)

Actuals created in the traditional mode are added to the Actuals pane, at the bottom of the Budget window.

Manually Drag and Drop Actuals to a Budget Detail

Select the Actuals manually (by clicking on them) and drag & drop onto the corresponding lines in the Budget:

Drag-and-drop Actuals onto Budget Details

The 'DigiBeta 6 min' Budget Detail now gets an arrow icon next to it, showing that it can be expanded. When clicking on this icon, the Actual is revealed with the To Date and Forecast columns now filled with the data from the Actual. It is now easy to see that 2 pieces of this material were budgeted, but only 1 has been used so far.

A Budget Detail with attached Actuals

As more time reports are filled in, the Actuals table gets more numbers in the To Date column.

Multi-Attach Actuals by selecting Accounts first

Another way of attaching Actuals is to type the appropriate account number in the Account (Entry) column, or choose an Account in the selector of the Account column:

To commit to attached to the selected accounts, press the Attach Actuals button.

farmerswife will then pair up the Actuals and Budget Details by looking inside each of the specified Accounts and trying to match the Actuals with the same Object or Object Class in that Account, using the same Activity.

For example, if the Actual (in the Booking) is 'Flame 1' with Activity 'Compositing SD - Hour' and goes into Account '302 Online' where there is a Budget Detail with Object Class 'VFX' and Activity 'Compositing SD - Hour' in that Account, then it is a good guess that the Object will be attached to that Object Class Budget Detail.

Read more on Auto Assignment Steps and how they can help you when attaching Actuals.

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