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Changing or Modifying a Budget Structure

It is also possible to define or modify your Account Structure directly in the Budget Settings window, without going through Excel.

  • Adding: Use the green Plus icon at the bottom of the Account Structure to add a new Category.

Use the green Plus icon next to each Category to add new Accounts within the selected Category.Use the green Plus icon next to each Account to add a new Sub-Account within the selected Account.

The new additions will be available in all existing Budgets, if you have started working with this module already.

  • Deleting: Use the Bin icon next to the Category or Account you wish to delete.

Do not delete used Accounts, unless this is done at an initial stage, before you start using the Budget module in production. Once the Budget Structure has been put in use and there is data (Budget Details) linked to its Accounts, the Accounts should never ever be deleted. If they are deleted, the Budget Details will be linked to an Account that does not have any name and Farmers WIFE will warn every time you open an affected Budget. Consult your farmerswife Project Manager.

  • Moving: Use the Up/Down Arrow icon to re-sort Categories and Accounts. Simply click on the icon and move up or down to a new position.

The change will apply to all existing Budgets.

  • Deactivating: Use the Checkbox icon to set a Category or Account to inactive. The inactive Category/Account will be "invisible" when creating a new Budget.

On existing Budgets, it will also be 'invisible' if no Budget Details had been added to it. But it will still be there to display the Budget Details linked to it, but the green Plus icon will be gone to not allow adding anymore data.

  • Renaming: Click on the Category or Account name to rename it.

Do not change the meaning of used Accounts! Use this to fix misspellings only. It is  wrong to change the meaning of an Account after Budget Details have been linked to it. For example, if a DAT tape is linked to Account “Deliverables - Tapes / Disks” and the Account is renamed to “Travel Costs”, the DAT tape will still be linked to it, which is not correct.

  • Renumbering: It is not possible to change the number of a Category or Account. Here is a workaround in case this is necessary:

1. Create a new Category/Account with the new number and with the same name as the one you are wishing to renumber.

E.g.: 101 - Producer (current) >> 1.01 - Producer (new)

2. Move the new one up in the hierarchy to be listed below the current one.

3. Set the current one to inactive. We do not recommend deleting it if the Budget module has been used in production - see explanation under Deleting.

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