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Global Budget Templates

A Quote can be saved as a Global Budget Template in order to later re-use it in other Projects. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Quote name and select Copy To Global Template.

Global Budget Templates are shared among all users of the system. Therefore make sure to give it a descriptive name.
When Global Templates have been saved, a dialog will appear every time the New Budget icon is clicked, prompting which template is to be used.

New Budget from saved Global Template

Alternatively, you can use the drop-down arrow just above Budgets to Add From Global Template.

Select Delete Global Template to get rid of those templates that are not useful anymore.

Project Rate Card

If a Rate Card is applied to the Project, when creating a Budget from a Global Budget Template, a pop-up window offers to apply the Project Rate Card to this new Budget. See Project Rate Cards for more details.

Reset Global Budget Template Rates to List Price

When creating a New Budget using a Budget Template the following dialogue window will pop up: “Reset To List Prices Rates In The New Budget?”

This means that in case there is a difference between the Rates in the Template and the List Price it is possible to select whether to keep the rates in the Budget Template or to update the new Budget with the List Price Rates [Rates of Objects (Classes, Activities, Services…) in the Object Manager.]

There are two scenarios when the rates of the Budget Template and the List Prices could differ.

  1. List Price Rates have been updated in the Object Manager and you want to apply the updated rates to the Budget Template. In this case choose: "Yes" on the dialogue.
  2. Rates of Budget Lines have been changed and save with the Global Budget Template and you want to keep these "special" rates. In this case choose: "No" on the dialogue.

Example: List prices have been updated in Object Manager

A Global Budget Template has been created with two lines:

  1. Offline / Editing – Day: Sell Rate 500
  2. CG / 3D – Animation – Day: Sell Rate 700

The price of the budget detail in the template corresponds to the Rate as defined in the Rate Card, here 500.

The Rate of the Offline / Editing – Day is updated to Sell Rate 600.

When you create a new Budget from the template, to update the new budget to include the new Rate click Yes on the dialogue: “Reset To List Price Rates In The New Budget?”

The new Budget with the new Rate on Offline / Editing – Day.

Now you can create a new Global Budget Template that includes the new rates and remove the Old Template.

To create a new Template click on the dropdown menu next to the Budget Name, select “Copy To Global Template” and give the Template a Name.

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