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Time Range

There is two ways of accessing the Time Range Long Form option:

  1. From the wheel icon placed on the left top corner on the calendar:

  2. Right mouse clicking on the Toolbox with a time range selected:

  • Set From Current Object(s)

    This is always related to the Longform's Project Tree. If a Project is highlighted in the Project Tree and you click on the wheel icon > Time Range > Set From Current Object(s) the whole Project lenghts is highlighted. You will only see this if you haven't previously selected a certain Time Range through the View Port.

    If you highlight a certain Booking of that Project and select the option above, the Booking length is highlighted. If you selected an Object inside of this Booking, the length of the Object's Booking is highlighted. If you highlight two Objects that are booked on the same Booking however on different days, it will highlight the days that those Objects are booked. This option is greyed out if you haven't selected any Project.

  • Show Available Objects

    With a Time Range selected this option allow us to see which Objects are available those days. A new Object Manager window will open showing only the objects that are available.
    Note that it will always open on the same selected Object Type as the last time you used it.

    You can also access this option if you select a time range and open the Object Manager on your Toolbox, click on the top left corner menu and select "Show Available Objects From Time Range.

  • Show Number Of Available Class Members

    With a Time Range selected we can see the number of Available Objects out of the total on the Object Class.
    Note that this is not updating automatically if we click on different names.

    We can also access this option by selecting a Time Range going to the Object Classes tab on your Toolbox > top left corner menu > "Show Number Of Available Members From Time Range".

  • Remove Weekends And Holidays

    Once we have a Time Range selected we click on this option and all the weekends and Holidays on that period will be removed from the selection.

    * There is a setting that if activated will not allow you to select weekends or Holidays. You can activate it on the Settings tab of your Toolbox > Miscellaneous > "Never Select / Book Weekends or Holidays".

  • Create From Criteria

    This option will allows us to selected certain days that we want to repeat a booking on a specific period of time.

    We will find this option also when right mouse clicking on a single day booking > Booking > Repeat > Time Range:

  • Day Notes

    Please click here to read the "Day Notes" article.

  • Public Holiday

    Please click here to read the "Public Holiday" article.

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