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Classes (Availability)

The primary function of the Classes Availability Tree is to show how many objects from a particular Object Class are available on a given day.

The number in brackets after each Object Class name is the total number of Objects in this Class.

Every time an Object belonging to an Object Class is confirmed or removed from a Booking, the number on that specific day will change accordingly to always keep updated info on the number of available Objects for that Object Class.

Saving Classes Availability Views And Related Options

Load the required Classes in to the Tree by dragging them from the Toolbox > Object Class tab. Alternatively select View Class or Add Class, to load a Class from the Classes Availability menu.

  • View Class: This option will replace any current selection with this Class only.
  • Add Class: This option will add the selected Object Class to the existing selection.
  • To save a selection, click on Options > Save Selection. The saved selection will appear at the top of the Classes Availability menu for use again when needed.
  • To delete a saved selection go to Options > Remove Saved Selection.
  • Another way to load a Saved Selection is to borrow it from another User. To do this click Options > Copy From Another User > and select a User.

    This Users Saved views have now been added to your own list. Other Options related to the View:

  • Sort Classes: This option will sort the Classes order of appearance alphabetically.
  • Clear View: This will clear all Classes from the view.

Classes Menu

By clicking on the individual Class icon, a menu appears with the following options:

  • Solo View: To only view this Class in the Classes Availability Tree view.
  • Remove From View: To remove this Class from the Classes Availability Tree view.
  • Add To Objects Tree: To add the members of this Class to the Objects Tree (as displayed in the picture above).

Show Availability

If this option is ticked the number displayed in the Tree will be the number of AVAILABLE Objects from this Object Class.

If this option is not ticked the number displayed in the Tree will be the number of USED Objects from this Object Class.

Don’t Draw Null Values

This option works dynamically with the selection of Show Availability as shown in the diagram below:

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