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Relations- Booking Dependencies in Projects Tree

It is possible to create Relations between Bookings in the same Project to make sure that if one Booking is rescheduled, the related Bookings will also be rescheduled accordingly.

Enable Relations in Toolbox > Projects Tree > Relations and configure the default settings:
- Day Synced to respect the number of days between the Related Bookings
- Allow Bookings Over Weekends And Public Holidays if Bookings on these days are allowed.

That Relations are enabled is visible by the small white boxes with two half circles on each side of theBookings. To create a relation drag a line between a relations box from one Booking to another. Drag from the right end of the first booking to the left end of the second Booking. The Relation is complete when there is a red line between the two Relation icons.

To remove a Relation click on the red line - it becomes yellow - to bring up the Relations menu and selectRemove. From the Relations menu it is also possible to override the default settings made in the Toolbox for Day Synced and Allow Bookings Over Weekends And Public Holidays.

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