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Multi-select Bookings in Object Tree and its options

This Multi Select Bookings functionality was initially developed in version 6.4 to be able to apply an 'Invoice Received Status' across multiple Bookings at once.

It can now also be used to 'Force Confirm' multiple conflicting Booking Objects at once, and to apply a 'User Approval Status' on several Booking Objects in one go.

To use the "Multi Selecting" go to fw Client > Long Form > Objects tree icon and select > "Start Multi Selecting Bookings".

A little yellow triangle "Multi Selecting" icon will indicate that you are using the "multiple-selection" mode.

Once you have finished, either click on the triangle icon to end the "Multi Selecting" mode or choose the option in fw Client > Long Form > Objects tree icon click > "Done Multi Selecting Bookings".

As soon as the Multi-Select mode is enabled you are able to mark different Bookings for an Object or various Objects at the same time. 

The multiple selected Bookings will get highlighted with a yellow frame around them. After having selected the Bookings within the Long Form > Object tree > View Port area, click again on the Objects tree icon and select one of the appearing options

- Invoice Received Status: No (*)

- Invoice Received Status: Under Review (*)

- Invoice Received Status: Yes (*)

- User Approval Status: Disabled

- User Approval Status: Pending User's Approval

- User Approval Status: Declined By User

- User Approval Status: Declined By User (Read)

- User Approval Status: Accepted By User

- User Approval Status: Accepted By User (Read)

- Force Confirm

The multi-select mode only applies to Task Bookings, Project Bookings and Media Order Bookings. Personnel Bookings can't be selected.

(*)The first three options will only show if the "Invoice Received Status" functionality is enabled in the Server Setup. Refer to the corresponding articles in our Knowledgebase for details on how to configure and use the 'Invoice Received Status' and also the 'User Approval Status' functionalities.

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