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Day Notes and Day Notes Import

Day Notes can be used to communicated company wide events, e.g. Birthdays, Important Events and Celebrations. If you've a recurring list with events you can import Day Notes via a CSV file.

The Day Note is visible at the top of the Hourline Day, on the Toolbox > Calendar > Day, in the Long Form and the Web Access Tiers.

Pre-Configuration for CSV Import of Day Notes

The format on how the data needs to be structured inside the .csv (character-separated values) file can be:

  • Semicolon as separator: "YYYY-MM-DD";"Day Note text".
  • Comma as separator: "YYYY-MM-DD","Day Note text".

Before using this feature, verify what is best on your machine on which you are using your farmerswife Client application and verify with your colleagues using this type of functionality within WIFE what works best in practice.
If you always have to manipulate the "separator" character it means your "environment" is not correctly configured. 

* Try:  Go to farmerswife Client > Setup > Locale Settings pane > List Separator: ... whatever is set here, is being used throughout the farmerswife Client as the default value when importing or exporting .csv data.

Change here the value to what works best. 
Then ensure that your "day note import .CSV" uses the same "List Separator" character.

For example use this info inside your .csv file:

"2015-02-04";"This is a day note on Wednesday, 4th of February 2015"
"2015-02-07";"today is Saturday"
"2015-02-09";"Company meeting starts at 11:00 - everyone to attend in the reception area" 

Importing the Day Notes 

To import your "Day Note" .csv file go to WIFE Client > and "right-mouse" click anywhere in the Long Form or Hourline to open the "main" pop-up window; then go to: Time Range > Day Notes > Import. 

Select your .csv file.
Verify in the "Select Separator Character" window, that you there see ";".
Then verify the day notes on the above-specified 3 dates.

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