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How to add or remove a Public Holiday

Public Holidays are managed in the Toolbox. Only Advanced Users with Server Setup Permission can add or remove Public Holidays. Use the space bar or click on the Toolbox button in the upper left corner underneath the top Navigation bar to bring up the Toolbox.

Add or remove manually

  1. On the Toolbox select the Settings tab.
  2. In the bottom of the Toolbox click on the menu button and select Server Setup.
  3. Scroll till you find the button Public Holiday and click on it (full public holiday lists exist for some countries. See further below).
  4.  In the pop up Public Holiday select Add (or Remove if you wish to remove, find the day to remove in the dropdown list).
  5. In Calendar select the Date of the public holiday you are creating.
  6. Add the name of the Public Holiday.

Added Public holiday. If you mouse over the yellow Note icon you will see the name of the public holiday. 

Public Holidays function is similar to Weekend Days in farmerswife. Therefore if Days In Lieu in the Personnel are used, any Bookings involving Users on a Public Holiday will add a Day In Lieu (regardless if booked 1 Hour or the full day). Please refer to the Personnel Management chapter for further details. 

Load a predefined public holiday list

These exist for Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Australia and Sweden. Click on the button next to Public Holidays to find the Public Holidays to import. You can also view the full list of your added Public Holiday by clicking on View Full List. 

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