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Booking in the Long Form

In this section you will find a general introduction on how to Book using the Long Form.

To create a Booking in the Long Form, a Time Range can be selected (yellow) and Objects dragged into it from; the Toolbox > Objects tab, from the Personnel Tree, the Object Tree, or from the Hourline View.

It is also possible to only Book an Object Class or just add an empty Booking with no Object / Object Class. In the image below Wednesday 1st has been selected as the time range of the new Booking (yellow). An empty booking has been creates and then Aimee Miles has been added from the Toolbox > Objects tab and Workstation 1 has been dragged from the Object Tree. To add them to the Booking just drop them anywhere in the yellow area, note that there will be a green frame. To be able drag from the Object or Personnel tree it is important to click on the name of the Object.

Bookings can also be re-scheduled from the Projects Tree, Objects Tree or Personnel Tree by clicking and dragging the Booking onto the the Date at the top of the Long Form Calendar. Drop it in the desired direction of the blue arrows. Arrows pointing to the right indicate the new start date and arrows pointing to the left indicate the new end date of the Booking. In the example below the Booking called Load and Uncut is dragged from the Projects tree and in the Objects tree the Protools Booking belonging to the Project Silent Night is dragged. This operation can also be executed with multiple Bookings at the same time. farmerswife will keep the Booking integrity and will move each Booking the correct number of days.

To delete a Booking drag it to the Trash Can that appears, wait till you see the red arrow, then drop to delete. Multiple Bookings can be deleted at in one go if they are multi selected on the left hand side and dragged to the Trash Can at the same time (unlike the Hourline where only one booking at a time can be deleted).

If there are many Projects loaded to the Tree the one selected will be highlighted in blue, and it will also appear on the top of the page above the Long From to the right of the gear icon.

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