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Binders are like folders that can be used to organise the Projects by grouping together Bookings that belong to the same phase or part of the Project. Binders could for example be used for different episodes of the same program or for various phases for example Pre-production, Production and Post Production, or to gather all offline or sound Bookings etc. Organising the Bookings in Binders will give a better overview as well as possibilities to run reports based on a specific Binder.

It is possible to create a Binders in two levels: Binder and Sub-binder. There is no limit to the number of sub-binders that can be created for a Binder. However, it is not possible to create a Sub-binder within a Sub-binder.

To create a new Binder in the Long Form make sure to load the Project in the Projects Tree. If more than one project is loaded mark the Project to appear blue. There are various ways to make the menu appear:

  1. Click on the Gear icon as it's shown in the image. 
  2. Right mouse click on the Project icon of the Project. 
  3. Right mouse click anywhere. In the menu select Binder > New.

    In the New Binder window give the Binder a name and a colour, it is also possible to add a Note.

If the same Binder name will be used often it is possible to create default Binder Names, these will appear in the Name Field. If there are predefined names make sure to empty the field to make the list of names appear.

Default Binder Names and related custom fields can be created in Toolbox > Settings > Binder/ Marker Defaults.
Click on the tab next Binder Defaults > Name/ Customs. In the Menu select Server Setup and New. This will bring up the window Custom fields. Add the name and if you need custom fields click on the Custom fields icon.

To modify an existing Binder first select the Binder name, click on it and select Modify.

Click on the Binder icon to access Binder related operations.

  • Edit: Opens the Edit Binder window for editing the Name, Colour or Note.
  • New: To create a new Binder.
  • Delete: To delete the Binder. A confirm dialogue will pop up. If there are Bookings or Sub-binders inside the Binder a second dialogue will pop up with the text "Include Children". Yes means that all Binder content will be deleted, No means that only the binder itself will be the deleted while the content remains in the Project. To recover your deleted binders please read Toolbox Deleted Bookings and Binders.
  • Set Static Time Frame From Time Range: Use this to give the Binder a fixed start and end date. To adda Static Time Frame first select a time range, ie mark the days yellow in the Long Form. This option is mainly used when working with Frameworks.
  • Remove Static Time Frame: If a Static Time Frame was set this option removes it and the Binder will  dynamically resize to fit the first and last Booking inside. If no Bookings are associated with the Binder it will mirror the length of the Project.
  • Show All Involved Objects in Objects Tree: Loads all the Involved Objects from any Booking in the Binder to the Objects Tree.
  • Show All Involved in Personnel Tree: Loads all the Involved Users from any Booking in the Binder to the Personnel Tree.
  • Reorder: 

    • Up: Moves the Binder one level up
    • Down: Moves the Binder one level down
    • First: Moves the Binder to the top
    • Last: Moves the Binder to the Bottom

  • New Framework From Class: Creates a new Framework from an Object Class if a Time Range is selected and if the Binder is set to a Static Time Frame. See Framework section.

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