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Create a shot/scene based budget structure and print out

How to setup a shot or scene based budget structure and add ‘free text’ elements to add additional descriptions per scene/ shot.

Budget Structure

  • Create a ‘normal’ budget structure.

  • In the CGO account or under a separate category, add multiple accounts for the diff. shots, e.g. Shot1, Shot2, Shot3, with the same sub-account structure for each ‘Shot’ account, see below. This way you can have subtotals per 'Shot'.

  • Add a dedicated TEXT element or ‘Custom’ Extra to the main account Shot1 and "rename" to add the description of the shot. Quantity should be "0".

  • Alternatively you can ship adding multiple accounts for the shots (as described above) and only add a text element with the name and then the details below. 

Print Template

  • It’s grouped: Budget-Budget Category-Budget Account Assigned.

  • Do NOT hide elements with 0 Rate in Settings.

  • You can download and import the templatehere attached. It's grouped by:
    • Budget
    • Budget Category
    • Budget Account Assigned

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