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Add Budget Discount To Actuals

This feature applies to the Budgeting Module of farmerswife. 

With this feature the Discounts added to Budget lines for Quotes/Budgets will also apply to the attached Actuals (Bookings, Media Orders, Services etc.). This is useful if you invoice Actuals, meaning if you invoice the actual Bookings and not the Quote 1:1. However when invoicing the Actuals you also would like to apply the same discounts and agreements you gave in a quotation. For this you can use the new: Add Budget Discounts To Actuals.

Set as Default

To make it a default setting open the Server and select the Financial tab. In the column to the very left find “Add Budget Discounts to Actuals” and set it to Yes. 

Setting by Project 

To apply the rule for a particular Project, change the setting in the Budget window top left corner. To access the Budget window open the Project and click on the Pig icon in the top right corner.  In the Budget window click on the drop down menu (the fourth icon from the left) and select “Add Budget Discounts to Actuals” – Yes.

Example 1. Create Quote/ Budget and use Scheduling Mode to create Bookings 

In the below image three lines have been added to the Budget/ Quote and to each line a discount has been applied, 10%, 5% and 25%.

Access the Scheduling mode from the first icon (Calendar icon) in the top left corner. Make sure the Budget is Active. To make the Budget Active tick the check box next to Active Budget.

The Scheduling mode displays the Timelines – Longform and Hourline, as well as the Budget and Toolbox. The Toolbox can be hidden by hitting the space bar or clicking on the Toolbox button.

To make a (Multi) Day-Booking using the Scheduling mode:

  1. Select the dates in the Long Form
  2. Select the budget line and drag it onto the yellow marked Time Range
  3. Select the Project in the popup menu

In the below screen all Bookings have been attached to their corresponding Budget Lines. Three consecutive days for Editing, two + one day Sound Design, and CG 3D Animation two days.

When Bookings have been done with the Scheduling mode, the Actuals are attached to the Budget lines in the light blue Forecast area. In the purple Budget area Sell Rate column the original Sell Rate is shown and Discount by %. In the light blue Forecast area Sell Rate column, the Rate after Discount is shown.

Discount change updates Actual

In the below the Discount for Offline has been changed to 15% and the Sell Rate in Forecast has been updated from 450 to 425.

Time Reported Booking also gets Discount Rate

When a Booking is time reported the orange area is populated based on the real time used. The Sell Rate is same as the Discount Rate.

Example 2. Create Budget / Quote, use conventional Booking procedure, Attach Actuals Manually

In this example a Budget has been created with two lines and hourly Rates. Bookings have been done in the Hourline, and therefore not automatically attached to the Budget line. The Bookings appear in the bottom area (Actuals) of the Budget Window. They have to be attached by using the buttons in the left bottom corner: ”Attach Actuals” or ”Attach Selected Actuals”.

The Actuals have been Attached. The Sell Rate in the light blue forecast area shows the discounted Sell Rate.

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