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Adding/ Erasing days into a booking on the Long Form

To add or subtract days into a booking in the Long Form, you must mark the days on the timeline so they are highlighted in yellow and then go to the booking icon (the clock) -> left mouse on it and select ‘Days’ from the drop down menu.

A submenu will then appear giving you different choices: Either to set the booking time to the marked time ranged, or to add the marked days to the booking, or to remove the marked days from the booking.

* If you want to alter the bookings in/ out time -> then simply left click on the booking icon -> and choose ‘Time in/ out’ from the dropdown:

You will also be able to modify a single object within the booking, by following the same principle. Mark the days that you want to add/ remove -> left click on the object icon -> select ‘days’ from the dropdown -> and choose the different options from the submenu.

* To change the time of a single object, choose ‘Time in/ out (override)’ from the dropdown. This will only affect the selected object and not the entire booking.

Note: a warning icon will in this case appear to notify you that certain objects in the booking have a different booking time than the booking itself.

Scheduling a repetitive booking.

Sometimes we might need to make a booking that will be repeated for a certain period of time.
E.g, during summer we have a Friday night live TV program, so every Friday for 3 moths we will need to make the same booking.

To do this in a fast way we create the booking that we want to repeat > Access our Long Form calendar and select the period of time in which this booking will occur > multi-select the days that we want to book on by holding cmd in Mac or ctrl in Windows (every Friday as in the example). Now we right mouse click on the booking > scroll down to Days > and press "Add From Time Range".

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