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Booking /Task Booking / Maintenance Custom Fields

Adding Booking / Task Booking Custom Fields allows to add extra information on the Booking Level, such as shoot location, directions or any other details that are relevant for the booking.

Booking Custom Fields.

Booking Custom Fields can be easily added in the Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults.

To add Booking Custom Fields:

1. Define Booking Names you want to add your fields to (assuming that different info is needed for different Bookings).

2. Select Booking Name > Server Setup > Modify.

3. Add Custom Fields for the selected Booking Name (it's not necessary to have Booking Custom Fields on all Booking Names).

Once the fields are added they will be loaded to the Booking Window once the Booking Name is selected:

You may also want to find out how to send Booking Custom Field Information with Global Notification Email.

Task Booking Custom Fields

Task Booking Custom Fields are also created in the Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults.

To add Task Booking Custom Fields:

  1. Define Task Names
  2. Select Task Booking you'd like to add Custom Fields to.
  3. Add Custom Fields

Every time new Task Booking is created, fields are loaded to in the Task Booking Window:

Maintenance Custom Fields

Maintenance Custom Fields are configured on the Server.

To add Maintenance Custom Fields:

  1. Go to the Server > Setup > Bookings Tab
  2. Add Custom Fields under Maintenance Customs

Once Fields are added they are available in the Maintenance Bookings, where you can add any extra info as on any other Booking.

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