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Additional Data for Entry Custom Fields

The Custom Field type Entry provides the option to access Additional Data from Contacts per Entry Custom Field. This has the benefit of only setting the Contact once and then to be able to populate the needed information from this Contact, like Address, telephone number, etc. within the Print Designer (for Projects and Media Orders).
Setting up the Entries 

In the following example, an Entry Custom Field called "Producer" has been created in the Project Custom Field section:

In the Modify window set "Finder (Entry/Text Only)" to "Contact Names". Set "Import" to something other than "Default". In the example here "Name" was selected. Click on the little arrow icon next to the Import selector and the "Additional Data" window opens. Here the additional data that will be embedded into the Custom Field is to be chosen.
Note: The info will remain even if the Contact is deleted. This also implies that if the Contact is changed, because the company moved to a different address or the telephone number changed, this information will not be updated in the Custom Field.
Using the Additional Data 
Back in the Project the Custom Field will at first sight look as usual, but when mousing over the Entry widget, the additional embedded data is displayed in a pop-up window.

This additional data can also be printed in a report. Open the report and click on the green plus next to "Element Row" > "From Entry" > "Custom: Entry Producer" > OK. Previously, here only the text from the Entry Producer field ("John Butler") was populated, but now there is a selector where the additional embedded data can be chosen instead. If “(Default)” is chosen in the new selector, then the normal text from the Entry Producer field is populated.

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