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Media Order Customs

Media Order Custom Fields are added on the Server > Media Library Tab.

Any custom fields to be associated with Media Orders are listed here. These appear in the main Media Order window and allow adding more fields of information, apart from the standard fields.

To create a new Custom Field, click on the Add New (star) icon and define the required custom details. For more information on Custom Fields, refer to the Server Setup manual.

If these are shared with Project Custom Fields, it is possible to copy them from the Project Customs area. To do so, go to the Project tab > Project Customs > click on the drop down arrow and select Copy Customs To Container And To Media Order Customs. For more information refer to the Server Setup manual.

Once these are defined, the following options are available in the drop down arrow:

Save To Template List
Click this to save the custom fields to a user defined template list.
Load Default from Template List
Click this to load a list of previously defined custom fields.
Delete from Template List
Click this to delete a template from the template list.

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