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Contact Custom Fields

In the Contacts setup the contact registry can be customized through a number of settings. Refer to the Contacts chapter in the Toolbox Manual for additional details.

Contact Custom Fields Setup 

Customs: Create customized fields on Contacts to store additional information. These should be defined before importing an existing database, in order to map the fields to the farmerswife Contacts. To define a new contact Custom Field, click on the green plus icon. For detailed information on creating Custom Fields please refer to chapter regarding Custom Fields. 

Sort The List: Once done, the list of Customs can be alphabetically sorted by clicking on the white icon to the left of Customs. To sort the list manually, drag an item over another one and drop before or after as indicated by the up/down arrows. 

Apply To Current Contacts: This option can be found by clicking on the menu icon just above Customs. New Custom Fields will not be added to the current Contacts unless they were applied to all existing Contacts by choosing this option. A warning will appear meaning that if previously created Custom Fields have been re-named (change of Label), on applying the new Custom Fields to the existing Contacts the information in those fields will be lost. Press Confirm to continue with the operation.

The new created Custom Field will also appear in the column ‘Company Relations’. 

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