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Alarms on Custom Fields Date Widgets

Since 6.3, it is now possible to set an Alarm on Date Custom Fields. This allows you to get alarms for example when music rights or equipment warranties expire or for specific deadlines.

In this article we use the Object Custom field as an example. For setting up Project Custom fields please see the Server Setup Manual. 
You can also add Alarms to Binder Custom Fields and Booking Custom Fields.

Objects Custom Fields are created in the Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Setup Custom Fields. In Custom Fields Setup select the specific Custom field template in the field Objects - here Equipment / Machine Details. Then click on the drop down menu icon and select Edit. 

In the Custom Fields window either select an existing field of type Date Widget, or create a new one by clicking on the Custom Fields icon. 

Enable the Alarm by selecting Alarm Offset Days. Offset days will automatically set how many days before the Custom Field date the Alarm will be triggered. If you for example set the Warranty Expiration date on the 5th of May, and you select Alarm Offset Days to -1 Days, the alarm will be triggered on the 4th of May. 

Add Alarm To Your Object

Go to the Object Manager and select an Object and click on the Custom field icon in the bottom of the window.

Add a date in the Date field. An Alarm Bell icon will indicate that an Alarm is added. The Header of the Alarm will take the name of the custom field and the expiration date. You cannot edit or change the 'Header'. Below you see the Day and Time of the Alarm. In this example we had selected Offset Alarm -1 day: The Warranty Date is 5th May and the Alarm Date 4th May.  You can manually change Day and Time by clicking on the Date and Time icon. Click on the drop down icon to add who should receive the Alarm. 

You can also add a Note to the Alarm (it won't show up in the notification but when opening the alarm. So you could e.g. add the Project name it is for or the Object Name who's warranty is running out).

The Alarms are also shown in the Header of the Hourline with a little Alarm Bell:

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