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How to create a new Custom Field?

Once you decide to create custom field in the selected area, click on the green plus icon and define the settings for the Custom Field:

  • Type - Select from 8 Types of Custom Fields: Entry Widget, Selector Widget, Date Widget, Text Widget, Checkbox Widget, Files Widget, Thumbnail, Images.
  • Label - Enter a name for the Custom Field. Finder & Import Only available with Entry/Text Widget types. Under 'Finder', select one of these four options: Contact Name, Contact Companies, Company ID or User With Date Stamp, to be used as a search value. Once one of these four options is selected, the 'Import' setting will appear at the bottom to enable specifying what information should be imported from the Contact database. Note that when choosing Company in Finder, and Name/Company in Import, if there is more than one contact for that company the name of the first created contact will be populated (it goes by ID). If the Import setting is set to something different than Default there is an additional feature allowing to access additional data from Contacts per Entry Custom Field. This has the benefit of only setting the Contact once and then to be able to populate the needed information within the Print Designer (for Projects and Media Orders). See more details under 'Additional Data For Entry Custom Fields' chapter. 
  • Mandatory - Select Yes to have the Custom Field as mandatory information to be filled in. Note that if a Default Value is also set, this function will not take effect because the Custom Field will be already filled in with the Default value. On Checkbox Widget type, activating the Tristate option (see below for details) will allow setting the Default to Neutral; thus the Mandatory function can take effect. 
  • Values - Only available with Selector Widget type. List the values, one per line, that will appear as options to be chosen in a Selector Widget Custom Field. 
  • Permissions - Determine which User License Profile can access the Custom Field: Tasks / Bookings / Rates; Tasks / Bookings; or Tasks (only). 
  • Default Value - A string of characters can be entered as default value for the Custom Field. On Checkbox Widget type, the Default can be set to Yes, No or Neutral (only if Tristate option is enabled). 
  • Counter - Only available with Entry Widget types. Allows allocating an incrementing number. See more details under 'Counter Selector'. 
  • Tristate - Only available with Checkbox Widget type. If enabled, a cross will appear next to a Checkbox Custom Field to allow setting this field as neutral (not apply). 
  • Allow Other - Only available with Selector Widget type. If set to Yes, when filling in a Selector field, the selection values list will contain the option Other at the top that when chosen allows entering a new value. If the Server setting Allow "Other" On All Custom Fields, under General tab is set to No, this option will be set to No as well. 
  • Allow Multiple Selection - Only available with Selector Widget type. In enabled, when filling in a Selector field, more than one value can be chosen. 
  • Multiple Files - Only available with Files Widget type. If enabled, it allows to upload more than one file to a Files Custom Field.
  • Allowed Extensions - Only available with Files Widget type. To limit the format of files that can be uploaded, by entering the allowed extension format, e.g. *pdf, *doc. Allow more than one extension by entering the extension with a comma. 
  • Table Name - Only available with Text Widget type. The Custom Fields that share the same Table Name will be displayed not as separate Text fields, but as a Table. Each Text Custom Field is its own column in the table and its rows are the cells for that column. See more details under 'Table'. 

NOTE: If a previously created Entry Custom is changed into a Date Custom Field and the Option: Apply To All Existing Projects is used, in existing Projects the Entry Custom Fields stays an Entry Custom Field. In new Projects however the formerly Entry Custom Field is now a Date Custom Field. Reason for this is when the Entry Custom Field was used to put in a date, this information would get lost when changing it into a Date Custom Field.

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