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Object Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be used to add and track additional information apart from the standard fields in Project, Contacts, Objects etc. Create different Custom Field Templates that include different sets of fields which can be applied to any kind of Object.

e.g. create a 'Employee Dates' Custom Field Template, including fields such as Date of Employment or Birthday Date to apply on Users and another 'Equipment/Machine Details' Template to apply on Objects such as Machines, Rooms etc.

Add Custom Fields to categorise the Object into 'Revenue Type' or 'Cost Centre'. 


As the Custom Fields Setup window opens, the different Templates created will be available by clicking on the bar next to Objects. If there's no template yet, the selector bar shows (None).
Click on the black down arrow next to the bar to create a New, Edit or Remove a template. 

New: To create a new Custom Field Template.
Name: Add a Name for the Template.
Customs: Click on the Add New (green plus) icon to create a new Custom Field. If you've added more than one, change the order of the fields by clicking on the up/down arrows or by drag & drop into the desired position.

OK/Cancel: Once done, hit OK to save the Template or Cancel the operation. 

Edit: To modify existing Custom Field Templates. First select a Template; then the Edit option. A pop-up window will warn that Objects Using Template Will Be Modified, the number of Objects using the Template will appear in brackets. Hit Confirm to open the Edit window. 

Remove: To remove an existing Template. First select the Template to be removed; then the Remove option. A pop-up window will ask for Confirmation. If any Objects are using this Template, the values stored in the Template will be lost. 

Set as Default: The selected Template automatically becomes the default Template, which will be offered at the moment of applying Templates to Objects; click on the bar to select another. 

Remove default: To remove the default Template status. This will not delete the Template, but only remove the default status. 

Applying Custom Fields Templates 

Once the required Templates have been created, go back to the Object Manager main window and open each Object, User, or Extra where the different Templates are to be applied. 

In the Modify Object window, click on the Custom Field button in the top left corner and select the corresponding in the selection bar. The Custom Fields will show in this window and can be filled in as needed. This information can only be modified through the Object Manager. 

Read-only info available for Users 

Users without write access to the Object Manager will see the Object's information by double clicking on the Object Name in the Object Manager, in the Hourline View or in the Toolbox Objects window, or by clicking on the Object icon in the Involved Window or Project Window and choosing: Show Info. 

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