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Budget Custom Fields

Custom Fields enable the creation of additional fields of information apart from the standard fields.

Click on the Custom Fields button on the top left corner of the Budget Settings window to open the Customs window.

To create a new Custom Field click on the green Plus icon. For more details on Custom Field creation, please refer to the corresponding chapter in the Advanced Manual.

Budget Custom Fields

Next to the Custom Fields button, there is a drop-down arrow containing the following option:

  • Apply Customs To All Budgets: In case you wish to apply new Custom Fields to existing Budgets.
  • Apply Customs To Budget Template: This option will be available if you have already saved Budget Templates; select it in case you wish to apply new Custom Fields to saved templates.

 When configuring your custom fields, take into consideration that Budget Custom Fields are not searchable. In some cases, it might be wiser to create Custom Fields at Project level instead, because this are available in the Advanced Project Search. E.g. if you need a custom field  for Date of Approval which you will later use as a filter to find all Budgets that got approved on a specific month, then it should be created at Project level.

Also to consider is that information you enter on Custom Fields at Project level relate to the whole Project, whereas details on Custom Fields at Budget level can be different on different Budgets within a Project.
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