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Custom Field Widget: Table

The Custom Field Setup window for the Text widget has an additional option called "Table". The Custom Fields that have been created with the same Table Name will be displayed not as separate Text fields, but as a Table. Each Custom Field Label will be a column header and information will be entered into the corresponding cell in as many rows as needed. This feature is not available for Invoice and Media Library Custom Fields. 

Setting up a Table and its Columns 

In the following example, three Text Custom Fields have been created at Project level. They all share the Table Name:"Music". But each has a different Label name which will be the Column Names: "Track Name", "Music Source", "License Paid".

Using the Table 
Continuing with the above example, on the Custom Fields area of the Edit Project window, the table called "Music" allows entering information of music used in this Project. Click on the arrow icon next to the Table to open it in a bigger window. Type the information in each cell, as needed. Use the 'Tab' key to navigate into the next cell. As information is typed into a row, a new empty row will always appears below. If you need to insert or delete a row, click on the line and do a right-mouse click or a Ctrl-click. Since this is a table, the information can be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking on the 'Open As Spreadsheet' icon at the bottom right corner. In the Print Designer, the information from each column can be populated as separates Text Custom Fields, as usual.

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