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Send Booking Custom Field information with the Global Notification Email

It is possible to send Booking Custom Field information to other colleagues or contacts if necessary in an automated email. 

This might be useful to finalise workflows or to pass on a job to another colleague with the needed information. The information will get to them via email.

Example: Send an automatic email with all necessary information to a Program Designer after a Program is finished


Setup the pdf writer in the Server Setup. ThenG go to Toolbox > Settings tab > Global Notifications > and select the option when an automatic email should be send out. In this example it will be the Checkpoint change that triggers an email.

Additionally tick the checkboxes:

- Include Booking Custom Fields

- Include Booking Owner (Created by)

When Maria, the editor, finishes a Program and filled in all the necessary data in the Booking Custom Fields of the Edit Booking, she will set the Checkpoint Status to Completed. This Checkpoint Change will trigger an email to the Contacts setup in the Global Notification Defaults window.

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