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iOS Push Notifications

This feature does not send emails but push notifications on iPhone and iPad.

Push Notifications are sent when an Alarm or Todo is created or due, or if a Booking change has been done by a different User.

To be able to receive Push notifications, follow these steps:

  1. On your iOS device go to Settings > Notification > select farmerswife and enable Allow Notifications.

  2. In farmerswife enable the Notifications option on the User/ Resource Web Profile (if you haven’t setup a User profile, please refer to the Web Permission Profile in our Knowledgebase):

  • Advanced/ Web User Web Profile: Go to Object Manager > search for the User > double-click to open the Modify User window> access the Web Profile Manager, like in the screenshots:

  • Resource Web Profile: Go to Object Manager (or Toolbox > Contacts) > search for the Resource > double-click to open window > access the Web Profile Manager, like in the screenshot.

    * Resources can only receive Push Notifications if they have a Web User license, thus the Web Access in their profile is enabled.

3.   Once in, enable the Notifications option:

This example shows an Alarm Push Notification:

Push Notifications are roughly set to every half minute. To avoid creating multiple events when e.g. creating, moving and changing the name, only one event will be created if the operations are done within the same minute.
In the iPhone or iPad a bundled notification will be sent.

All Notifications can be accessed in your iPhone/ iPad by tabbing on the More icon > Notifications.

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