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Send Emails to Users in Tree

The Send Email feature is intended to easily send "system-wide" emails, to e.g. alert Web Users and Resources that they can check their schedule for next month, when used in combination with the Static Time Frames feature or with the Web View Limits on Projects (feature to hide certain Projects or time ranges of Projects for Web Users).

It is triggered from the Long Form > Object tree or Personnel tree.

To be able to use this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps in Pre-requisites.
  2. The User that is sending the email must have an email address configured in his profile.
  3. Review and adapt the “Generic Email Template(s)” > go to farmerswife server installation location > html_templates > other > generic_email > *.txt, see below more info:

Choosing Recipients and date range

Go to the Long Form and set the View Port to the month for which you need to refer to in the email. Next load Users/ Resources to the Object tree or Personnel tree.

Click on the Object/ Personnel tree icon and select Send Email.

If you do not select any specific Users/ Resources from the loaded list, then the "Send Email" feature will list all Users/ Resources as Recipients.
If you do select some, then a pop-up dialog will ask if "Only Use Selected Objects". If Yes, the Send Email window will only list the selected Users/ Resources in the Recipients panel. If No, all Users/ Resources loaded in the Object/ Personnel tree will be listed.

On the Send Email window, you also have the option to remove wrongly listed Recipients by clicking on the bin icon to the right of the Recipient, and to add more Recipients by using the entry field at the bottom of the Recipients list.

The Send Email window:

  • Template: Select one of the pre-configured Generic Email Templates.
  • Subject: Type a proper Subject for your email.
  • Body: Type the information you want to be emailed.
  • Recipients: To whom the Email will be sent.
  • OK: Will send the emails.

The Generic Email Templates

Two email template examples are part of the farmerswife Server installation. We strongly recommend, that before using this feature, to modify these templates according to your needs.

Find them here: ...\farmerswife server\html_templates\other\generic_email.
See the below information and notice the different available keys/ variables within these tags "<...>".

Do not change the actual tags! But you can freely change the order or position, or remove not needed tags.

The available keys/ variables are:

<SENDER>: This will display the First and Last Name of the WIFE user using this feature.
<SENDER_COMPANY_NAME>: This will display the information from WIFE Server > Setup > General > Company Name.
<CURRENT_MONTH>: This will show the name of the month of the first day displayed in Long Form > View Port.
<START_DATE>: This will display the start date of the month of the first day displayed in Long Form > View Port.
<END_DATE>: This will display the end date of the time period displayed in Long Form > View Port. IMPORTANT: When youuse the "START_DATE" and "END_DATE" keys, you ideally work e.g. with the View Port setting "Toolbox Calendar Month"; oryou make sure you only work on a "monthly" basis. This is because the "END_DATE" literally displays the last day of thedisplayed time in the View Port. So e.g. if you show 11. August through to 30. September, you will get these results:
<START_DATE> = 01-08-2014
<END_DATE> = 30-09-2014

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